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Planning of Works and Contractor’s Responsibility

Contractor’s Responsibility on Planning of Works to Execute A Underground Cable Project
Within 30 days after acceptance of the Tender, the Contractor shall prepare, in an agreed form, a detailed Manufacture, Delivery and Erection Program Chart for the complete Contract Works, and shall submit the chart to the Employer for approval.
The Manufacture, Delivery and Erection Program Chart shall indicate for each major item of the Contract the various phases of work from the commencement of the Contract to its completion, e.g., design, ordering of materials, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning. The program shall include a fully comprehensive drawings production program which shall demonstrate the Contractors intended issue dates for approval.
These presentations shall be in bar chart and precedence critical path analysis format.
The program shall indicate percentage completion points of the various phases which can form the basis of progress reporting.
A cash-flow forecast of…


What Would be Contractors Overall Responsible on Site During Work in Progress at Sites?
Unless stated specifically to the contrary in the schedule of departures submitted with the Tender with full supporting explanations, the Contractor will be deemed to have concurred as a practical manufacturer with the design and layout of the Works as being sufficient to ensure reliability and safety in operation, freedom from undue stresses and satisfactory performance in all other essentials as a working plant.
The Contractor is to include the whole of the Works that are described in or implied by the Contract document, to provide complete, fully operable, safe and efficient installations, in accordance with internationally accepted practice. All matters omitted from the Contract document which may be inferred to be necessary for the efficiency, stability and completion of the Works shall be deemed to be included in the Contract Sum.
Works shown in the drawing and not mentioned or described in the …


Restricted Working Period In Bangladeshi Electrical ProjectDue to monsoon rain between July and September, work may slowdown. Due to traffic, work along /across road has to carefully plan. 

The Contractor shall obtain reliable Information concerning the conditions appertaining to the working areas covered by this Contract and shall plan his work in accordance with local conditions.

SYSTEM ELECTRICAL PARAMETERS IN BANGLADESH230 kV Transmission System in Bangladesh Normal Service Voltage              :   230     kV Rated Voltage                            :   245     kV Insulation Level - Lightning Impulse Withstand       :  1050  kV 50Hz dry 1 minute Withstand      :  460     kV Number of Phase                       :  3 Frequency                                 :  50       Hz Switchgear Symmetrical Breaking Capacity     :  40  kA, 3 sec
System Earthing The 230/132 kV auto transformers are solidly earthed 132 kV Transmission System in BangladeshNormal Service Voltage                               …