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WAZIPOINT SYSTEM is always ready to service you:

1. Electrical Construction:

1.2: Medium Voltage System
1.2.1: 33kV & 11kV GIS and AIS Substation, Erection and Installation.
1.2.2: 33kV & 11kV underground cable installation.

1.3: High Voltage & Extra-High Voltage System
1.3.1: 132kV, 230kV & 400kV GIS and AIS Substation, Gantry and Structure Erection and Installation works.
1.3.2: 132kV, 230kV & 400kV Underground Cable Installation.
1.3.3: Underground Cable Installation in HDD Methods, Trench, Tunnel, and Cable Bridge.

2. Civil Construction in Power Transmission System
2.1: GIS Building Construction.
2.2: Gantry structure, Equipment Tower Construction and Erection.
2.3: Cable Bridge on River or Cannel.
2.4: Cable Duct/Tunnel.
2.5: HDD Duct, Rat-Hole Duct, Critical Road and Rail Crossing

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