Colour of Nature

The Beauty of Nature and it's Various color

This is the beauty of krishnachura in this summer here in Bangladesh,  you find this heart-touching beauty in this time any where in the country.

Six seasoned Bangladesh decorates with various colour to make happy and joyful us. Nature have a hella engineering plan to entertain every creature on this universe. We see various color in different places to fulfill natural requirements.
Nature selection is very much scientific, organized as different purpose and maximum usable way.

There is some deep thinking and researching materials for intelligent .

Beautiful Bangladesh
Beautiful Bangladesh 

Missing Profession

Which Profession Missing From Us?

Some ancient professions are missing out,  one of them is shown in the picture.

Technology developing day by day and lifestyle changing very first. Who can not synchronizing with rapid change they are missing from the race of life.

If we look 20 years behind,  these type of people were easily able to earn their lives. But today they are backdated, it's very hard to earn daily needs. All are changing but nobody talking any initiative here in Bangladesh to modernize this profession.

But if these people get  chance to proper training to establish modern snake farm and collecting snake poison, they also can take important role of annual growth.

Actually anywhere,  everyone has potential; needs only initiative to apply technique and knowledge.

Women Playing with Cobra for Earning Food
Women Playing with Cobra for Earning Food  

Beautified Dhaka

Our garbage management is not good enough in Dhaka city. Garbage stoked here and there, even on main road.

Authority should take necessary action to ensure pollution free environment for citizens.

Citizens should be more responsive to keep the surrounding honourable for others.

Keep clean and go a beautified city.

Dustbin on open place in Dhaka City

Functions of Dhaka North City Corporation Waste Management Department is as Below:

  • Street sweeping: All kinds of road sweeping inside the ward boundary.
  • Removing illegal banner festoon (which are not approved by WMD)
  • Giving permission of PCSP (Primary Collection Service Provider)/ door to door waste collection from household /Van services.
  • Collect solid waste from domestic, business, hospital, street, public toilets and drains.
  • Provide dustbins and other receptacles for accumulating the waste.
  • DNCC cleaners clean the roads, drains and sewerage lines.
  • Collection and transportation of medical waste.
  • Development of  hospital waste landfill
  • Arrange community  meeting  for promoting community base solid waste management
  • Development of sanitary landfill
  • DNCC started community based waste management  activities in  collaboration with  JICA
  • Manage the private solid waste management and NGO based solid waste management
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