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Materials Handling and Storage: Ensure Maintenance & Construction Project Safety Code The material handling and storage procedure for maintenance and construction project is intended to define the requirements, storage, take care & custody, issue & receive ect, to ensure the responsibilities and obligations to the objective of safety induction.
The general requirements of maintenance and construction project are to store materials in a planned and organized way that does not endanger employee’s safety. 

It’s must be ensure that all the stacks, rows, and piles are stabled and stacked to aided safe handling and loading. Hazardous and chemical materials must be store and handle in accordance with the individual requirements and MSDS should be available near the hazardous materials. Methods of materials storing in open-yard store and warehouseTypical materials storing places are both indoor and outdoor; especial attention required for in an open-yard storage is combustible materi…

তাবিজ-কবচ চিকিৎসা-বিজ্ঞান ও ব্যাবসা

ঢাকাশহরেরব্যস্ততমরাস্তার তাবিজ-কবচঢাকাশহরেরব্যস্ততমরাস্তারএকটিমিডফোর্টরোড।এরচেয়েবেশিপরিচিতিরপ্রয়োজননাই।অন্যদশটিদোকানেরমতোএটিওএকটি।কিন্তদোকানেরপন্যেরধরনদেখেব্যস্তসড়কেওভিন্নচিন্তারউদ্রেগহলো।দোকানের পন্য শুধুইতাবিজ-কবচ।চিন্তারবিষয়নতুনকিছুনা, তাবিজ-কবচচিকিৎসা-বিজ্ঞানওব্যবসা।চিন্তারউপাদানেরওএকইস্থানেপাশা-পাশিঅবস্থান।প্রাচীনঢাকারএমনকিসারাদেশেরবৃহত্তমব্যবসাস্থলমিডফোর্ট, বিশেষকরেসারাদেশেআধুনিকচিকিৎসা-বিজ্ঞানের

Cable Type Test -IEC 60840 International Standard

Why Cable Type Test is Required:Cable type test is essential for both cable manufacturer and cable usurer; manufacturer being satisfied type testing that followed all necessary standards and quality plan and will ensure customer satisfaction; usurer also being convinced that the product they are purchasing is manufactured as per required standard. 

Ultimately cable type test makes manufacturer and customer confident and satisfied that the cable will work satisfactorily after switch on to energize the line for a long life time without trouble.
Please note that, in this post cable type test means type test only for cable; don’t confused with type test for cable systems, cables and cable accessories; also for references this post is written on the basis international standard IEC 60840 “power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages above 30 kV (Um=36kV) up to 150 kV (Um=170 kV)- test methods and requirements” and part of this contains copyright rules and ow…

Routine Maintenance of HVAC Re-circulated Water System

The Routine Maintenance of HVAC Re-circulated Water System Routing maintenance of HVAC re-circulated water system is recommended to keep the system any kind of trouble free. Routine maintenance or preventive maintenance determines the continuous services as well as ensure increasing the life time of machinery. Strainer Maintenance:The pan strainer should be removed and cleaned at least once a month or as often as necessary to keep it clean.  Pan Maintenance:The pan should be flushed out quarterly or as often as necessary to keep down any accumulation of dirt. 

Maintain Water Make-Up: The float switch and valve should be checked at least once a month to make sure that the recommended water level is correct.  The correct water level must vary according to model number. Recommended water level should be found out from the manufacturer provided catalog.


Initial starting time or after drain down the unit, the water system must be filled to overflow.  Overflow is above the normal oper…

Electrical Power Cable Is an Electrical Transformer

Electrical Power Cable Is an Electrical Transformer How electrical power cable works as electrical power transformer? Its may your question. It’s true we know electrical power cable works as a capacitor; because the condition to be a capacitor two metallic component need to place in parallel. 

For power cable, normally two or more single core cables are layed in parallel or for single cable itself there are core and metallic sheaths are parallel which formed capacitor. So, we know power cable itself is a capacitor.
Our today’s article is “ELECTRICAL POWER CABLE IS AN ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMER” that may someone not thought before. We are familiar with various transformers that transfer the electrical power from primary side to secondary side by connecting magnetically, not electrically. Now today it’s pushing to think about the fact that a cable may also be a transformer.
Okay, to exist a transformer we need primary winding and secondary winding; no matter way how much turn in the winding, it…