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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Planning of Works and Contractor’s Responsibility

Contractor’s Responsibility on Planning of Works to Execute A Underground Cable Project

Within 30 days after acceptance of the Tender, the Contractor shall prepare, in an agreed form, a detailed Manufacture, Delivery and Erection Program Chart for the complete Contract Works, and shall submit the chart to the Employer for approval.

The Manufacture, Delivery and Erection Program Chart shall indicate for each major item of the Contract the various phases of work from the commencement of the Contract to its completion, e.g., design, ordering of materials, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning. The program shall include a fully comprehensive drawings production program which shall demonstrate the Contractors intended issue dates for approval.

These presentations shall be in bar chart and precedence critical path analysis format.

The program shall indicate percentage completion points of the various phases which can form the basis of progress reporting.

A cash-flow forecast of the estimated monthly invoice values shall be included in the program. This forecast shall take into account the terms of payment and indicate down-payments, the release of retention’s, etc. Figures may be rounded to the nearest thousands of the appropriate currency.

The Contractor shall indicate in the program the number, grade and discipline of supervisory and managerial site staff proposed throughout the site construction periods. If specialist erection and commissioning staff are to be employed by the Contractor details of the number, discipline and duration of the visit of these staff are to be indicated in the program. 

The provision of this information will not form any contractual limit on the number of staff to be provided by the Contractor to ensure the timely completion of the contract. Should any incident occur which, in the opinion of the Contractor will result in an over-run of any section of the Works this shall be indicated in the program and brought to the Employers attention.

If at any time during the execution of the Contract, it is found necessary to modify the approved Manufacture, Delivery and Erection program Chart, the Contractor shall inform the Employer and submit a modified chart for his approval. 

The submission, and subsequent approval, of a modified Manufacture, Delivery and Erection program Chart shall not necessarily obviate or diminish the Contractor’s responsibilities and liabilities under the Contract. The Chart shall be updated at monthly intervals and submitted to the Employer no later than the middle of each calendar month.

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