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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dhaka Ahsan Monzill & Lalbagh Fort


Lalbagh Fort is one of the most popular and renowned fort as well as great signature of art by Mughal Emperor in Bangladesh (previous Bengal). It is situated by the bank of  river Buriganga, in the old part of Dhaka city.Fort wasan uncompleted structure by a Mughal Emperor  ‘Prince Muhammad Azam" (third son of Aurangazeb). He started the work in 1678 during his only 15 month stayed as a vice-royality in Bangladesh; but  it remained incomplete because he was called returned  by his father Aurangazeb.

 In 1684, Shaista Khan was the new Subedar of Dhaka,  his daughter Iran Dukht (Pari Bibi) passed away . After her death, he completed the remaining work of the three main part of the Fort including tomb of Pari Bibi. 

Lalbagh Fort is a famous heritage place in Bangladesh for millions of  local and foreign visitors every year. 

Dhaka Lalbagh Fort

Dhaka Lalbagh Fort

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