Handling Tips for Compressed Gas CylinderImportant tips to handle hazardous compressed gas cylinder to keep away from serious accident in workplace.

Everyday millions of compressed gas cylinders are handling in different industries and construction projects worldwide. Miserable statistics says that lots of people come across dangerous accident just because of carelessness or lack of awareness in safety roles for handling compressed gas cylinder.

We are not going to discuss how compressed gas cylinder handle in production line in an industries. Our discussion limited on how to handle compressed gas cylinder as a user in work-site where there is huge possibility to make mistake by worker.

Hereto some basic tips for worker and supervisor who ensure safety induction to keep away from hazardous situation when handling compressed gas cylinder.

Key tips to handle compressed gas cylinder in Construction and Maintenance Project:

Compressed gas cylinders must be handled with care. Avoid to carry alone a large cylinders such as- weight up to 75 kg or 160 lb, a minimum of two employees are required to hand carry the cylinders and lift it correctly.

Cylinder caps must be in place when cylinders are not in use, especially when cylinders are shifted and transported. Gas cylinder may need to shift and transport from store to site or in-sites.

Compressed gas cylinder storing in store-yard or temporary storing or placing in site is very important. Cylinders should be stored securely to prevent cylinder from falling over. Consider moving stuff, vehicle, fork-lift, etc before placing the cylinder in working site.

 Regulators should be inspected daily including, accurate gauge, no dents or cracks in gauge covers, etc. Avoid practice to use compressed gas cylinder without pressure gauge.

Ensure the practice to use cylinders in upright position while it in using. Cylinder should never be placed in use while laying on its side.

When need to move cylinders in workplace, use a cart or trolley. Never practice rolls cylinders on the ground.

Avoid using grease or lubricant oil in cylinder valves and or regulators.

After all, keep in mind while handling a compressed gas cylinder, just a bit of negligence or carelessness may cause a danger accident.  

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