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Armour Earthing Assembly for Wire Armour Single Core Cable

33kV Cable Earthing System

Cable armour earthing is important for medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) system. 

Our discussion on this article is limited only single core plastic or paper cable wired armour earthing procedure for medium voltage (MV) system or 7.2 kV to 36 kV ranges.

The crystal clear step-by-step assembly figure shown the complete procedure of earthing system for wired armour cable.

If you follow the shown 9 step carefully, we hope you will be able to assemble the cable armour earthing successfully.

9 Step to Earth Cable Armour  


  1. First of all remove the over-sheath according to the dimension given the appropriate manufacturer Installation Instruction, Remove the armour according to dimension as per shown in the drawing. Clean the end of the over-sheath for a length of 250 mm.
  2. Then slide the outer sleeve over the cable, and disassemble the clamping rings. Slide one clamping ring lug-downwards over the cable as shown in the figure 2.
  3. Following the figure no-3 spread the armour wires as shown in the drawing and screw the other clamping ring loosely to the lugged clamping ring.
  4. Install the termination in accordance with the Installation Instruction of termination manufacturer. Pass the end of the earth lead down through the clamping rings and connect it to one lug of the clamping ring. Tighten the clamping rings, refer to figure no-4.
  5. With a small overlap and slight tension wrap two layers of sealant tape round the overs-heath for a length of 50 mm, just below the armour wire ends. Wrap two layers of sealant tape round the earth conductor so that it will be just below the armour wire ends. Attach the earth conductor to the other lug of the clamping ring as figure-5.
  6. As shown in figure-6, bend the armour wires back and bind the ends to the over-sheath with a wire binder or plastic tape. noted that all sharp wire ends must be covered with plastic tape.
  7. With a slight tension and small overlap wrap two layers of sealant tape over the lower end of the termination for a length of 50 mm.
  8. Position the top end of the outer sleeve level with the top of the sealant tape. Shrink it into place starting at the center. Shrink the lower end first and work towards the upper end.
  9. Yes, you have done; installation of earthing assembly for armour is completed.
This is the basic instruction for cable armour earthing, to do it physically you must follow the manufacturer installation instruction and necessary safety code. If it is helpful, then share with others to help them. 

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