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Friday, April 19, 2019

How Fix Blogger Not Found Error: Windows Live Writer

Blog with Live Writer

The latest Engineering, Science & Technology changing our life from smarter to the smartest everyday, even every moment. Today, lots of free apps and software are available with almost every stuff; but while writing a blog-post, the experience is not so easy enough. Especially for the guy who are not tech-expert like me, facing lots of stuck.
First time when I start writing a Blog, the text editing template was found very childish. Then I search for writing a Blog using MS Word directly, though I found lots of helping post, but works none for me.

I don’t know what is my fault, lack of my knowledge or my pirated MS Office. (Sorry, my software is pirated. Actually, here in Bangladesh except some corporate office, almost everyone use pirate software). I thought Blog not working for me due to this kind of piracy. Then I left the hope staying together with MS Word.

Latter on, I met with ‘Windows Live Writer’ but paid a lot because two step protected  g-mail account. Two step protected g-mail account don’t accept Windows Live Writer with normal account password, initially it was unknown to me, it’s need to generate app password. Finally I succeed because someone helped me to active Windows Live Writer for Blogging. Days were going very nice with WLR, except missing some facilitated tools like SmartArt, Design etc in MS Word.

Suddenly I lost my link, Windows Live Writer is not working for me, post is not publishing “Blogger not found, error in live writer”, I tried a lot but fail to fix the error.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer

In-the-min time, I got alternative of windows Live Writer, her name is Open Live Writer. It’s just clone of Windows Live Writer, but not work like Windows Live Writer. There is no active  option for Categories, Spelling, Post Tags, Online Picture Album and so on.


Alternately I am writing my post in inactive Windows Live Writer, then copying the source code for the post and pasting as Blog HTML editing mode and publishing, but that’s a long history!

Now I am seeking a help from someone suggestion that will make me Blogging stress-free and easy.

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