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Friday, April 26, 2019

Smart House Wiring Systems

How to wire your home smartly? Yes, Engineering Science and Technology teaching us to be smart everywhere in our life. So, before going to building a new home or remodeling your existing one; you must think about smart house-wiring like others smart gadget.

Smart house-wiring means not only how to wire cables for automation, but also to be think about different theories of automation wirings, popular and international or local house-wiring standard protocols etc.

The aim of this article to introduce our self with definition of smart wiring system and the most broadly accepted useful smart house-wiring techniques based on data communication & telephony system, Television & Media server system, Security & Closed circuit camera system, Alarms & Fire detection systems and hubing with many more upcoming technological smart gadgets.

What Smart Wiring Is?

If you guy is not an electrician, smart wiring means wiring having everything dealing with wiring; like- switching the lighting-heating-cooling stuff, phone-fax-computer, audio-video-TV cablings, security, Internet and home automation with future upgrading provisions, and so on.

Several people mistakenly confuse Smart Wiring for framework join. Smart Wiring is a system that engages the grouping of an extensive variety of sorts of wires used around the home into a single stage, which considers the joining of an extensive variety of smart-home structures and sensors all through your home, and the capacity to incorporate for future too. A Smart Wiring system joins wiring for lighting, security, web correspondences, security systems and hypermedia or home entertainment arrangement.


What Can Smart Wiring Do?

Why smart wiring rather than a conventional wiring? What can smart wiring actually do?

Very shortly, we can say; a smart wiring can turns an ordinary house into a smart hose just creating various devices connection facility in your home around. You may desire to connect your stuff like-

ü Analogue/Digital or satellite TV (Television) sets;
ü POTS, PABX, Skype or VOIP telephone system;
ü CCTV, Door Bugs, Panic Button, Smoke & Fire Detector and all kind of Security systems;
ü Computer, Printer, File sharing Wireless devices, LAN, WAN and all others data transfer systems;
ü VGA, HDMI & all kind of Camera and Media services system, and so on.

Essential Guidelines For Smart Wiring

Do not believe electricity myth anytime,  working with electricity can be dangerous even causes of death for single slip, and be mind- electricity never give you second chance for your any mistake.

Important guidelines for smart house wing system is not a complete list, but some of essential tips are as below:

Design & Documentation:

1. Figure out which of the services portrayed in now and which in future.
2. Find the smart-wiring center point close to the focal point of the house,
3. Decide phone, TV, PC and security gadget areas. Run cabling from the gadget areas back to the smart-wiring center point.
Documentation is important all the time, there is no chance to underestimate anything. Keep mind and do the system flexible and easy to change or expand in the future.

Data Cable Selection System:

Smart-wiring systems are generally based around a mix of CAT6 information link and RG6 quad protected cajole links, with Security link for security gadgets. A few establishments may require fiber optic link which is generally 56.5/125 micron multimode fiber in a 4 fiber breakout style group.

Enclosure Layout System:

It is required that to keep the circuit breakers towards the bottom of the enclosure along with power supplies, and  cable termination towards the top, and leaving room for the equipment in the center.

Enclosure Selection:

It's critical to pick a right sized enclosure with enough room. The enclosure in area will be the center point of your wiring network, so you need to ensure enough free space.

Terminals Using System:

Terminal blocks are the best way to keep wiring well-ordered and organized. Consider using separators and label holders to identify track of which cable is which.
Terminal blocks should spare the difficult task of trying to cram several cables into one place with enough breathing space. To make any change quickly ensure the keeping cable installation overview.

Finger Ttrunking System:

Using finger trunking is important to continue wiring in organized way. Place this between every DIN rail and around the outside. There are essentially more wires that need to experience the outside trunking. So, trunking should be at least double the width of the trunking between the DIN rails.

Junction Boxes Selection:

It is a wise decision to install a deep junction box to fit any sizes switching devices.

Surge Protection System:

Surge protection system is very much important for smart wired house. Surge can be cause of shutdown the whole system in a house any time. So it is required to install a Whole-House Surge Suppressor to protect your electrical appliances and home entertainment products.

Load Segregation:

Automation and non-automation load should segregate to make your house wiring so mart. Potential noise can be off isolating non-automation load. Kitchen, Laundry and heating load may go in one phase.

Proper Neutral and Earthing System:

Proper grounding or earthing system is very much important for safety issue for life and property.


What is Smart Wire?

Smart House Wiring System

Smart wire is a wire which offers some technical and financial benefit like low-loss, heat proven, smoke free and so on.

Feature of a smart wire is as below:

ü Sequential Foot/Meter Markings;
ü System Specific Print Legend;
ü Application Specific Print Legend;
ü Alphanumeric Coding System Designation;
ü Colors; &
ü Rip Cords.
So, modern smart wire should be look like smart too. Such as it ensure easier cable management and reduce time consume in identifying, measuring, labeling, cable sealing etc.

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