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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Easy Finding Fault Location for HVAC Trouble Shooting: Danfoss Guide

HVAC Fault Location
HVAC fault finding and troubleshooting within a minimal time denote an HVAC technician efficiency. 

Especially find fault location troubleshooting during system breakdown is very challenging for an HVAC technician.

Hope this troubleshooting fault location guide will be helpful for any beginner as well as the experienced technician.

Actually, fault finding and troubleshooting have no specific rules that can follow to find the fault location mathematically, performance depends on technician skilled experience to find fault location and troubleshoot in short.

This guide will discuss with some common faults in refrigeration systems, causes of maximum faults and way to easily find out the faulty parts and system of remedy.

However, this guide will buildup a technician to find which types of fault and where occurs the fault in the refrigeration system. 

This guide no more deals with the electronic control system and they troubleshoot, it will discuss in another article.


How Find Faulty Parts Easily In Refrigeration System?

There is two main faults in may find in a refrigeration system- visible and non-visible.

The visible fault may find with necked eyes, but detect non-visible fault it’s need tools or equipment help.

Visible or recognizable fault can be seen like-air cooled condenser, water-cooled condenser, receiver with sight glass, receiver stop valve, liquid line, filter drier, sight glass, thermostatic expansion valve, air cooler, liquid cooler, suction line, the regulator in the suction line, compressor & cooled room etc.;

Fault can be felt, like- solenoid valve & filter drier etc;

Fault can be heard, like- regulator in suction line & compressor etc.;
Fault can be smelled, like- cooled room etc..

Fault finding tools required to find some fault, like refrigeration leakage, temperature deviation etc.

Free Download Easy Guide to Fault Location

If you are interested to know more about HVAC fault location and troubleshooting in the refrigeration system, this Danfoss guide will help you. You can download the pdf format file from the link below:
Easy Guide to Fault Location 

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