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Monday, February 15, 2021

Technical Specification of HVAC Temperature Elements

Technical Specification of TE-6700 Series 2nd Generation Temperature Elements

The second-generation Johnson Control TE-6700 Series temperature elements main feature is as below:
  1. Temperature Sensor Time Response Improvement (TRI)- Improves temperature control of the space, increases employee productivity and comfort, and reduces energy consumption 
  2. Controller Configuration Switch- Allows users to adjust room comfort and to choose occupancy features that match the application and controller 
  3. Occupancy Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Indicator- Displays the controller’s current operating mode 
  4. Manual Override Push-button (PB)- Signals the controller that space is occupied in order to override time-of-day scheduling 
  5. Globally Scaled Unit- Includes set-point and bulb indicator (both optional) that measure Fahrenheit and Celsius ranges, 65 to 85°F (19 to 29°C) 
  6. Universal Mounting- Ships with mounting base for wall-box or surface mounting (all installation hardware included) 
  7. Single or Dual Set-point Adjustment- Allows for separate heating and cooling settings; makes set-point viewing and adjustment easier 
  8. Analog Profile and Star-field Display Compatible- Analyzes heating and cooling efficiency with the M-Series Workstation

For more details about Technical Specification of TE-6700 Series 2nd Generation Temperature Elements, yow may download a pdf copy from the link below:

TE-6700 Series 2nd Generation: Temperature Elements


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