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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Medium Voltage Cable Construction and Followed Standard

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Medium Voltage Cable Cross-section


Medium voltage cables are normally designed based on IEC 60502-2, SPLN 43-5 or others international standards upon request.

The conductor made from annealed copper wire, circular stranded compacted or round sentimental compacted according to IEC 60228, BS 6360, AS 1125 or SPLN41-1.

The conductor screen made from extruded semi conductive compound.

The conductor screen are covered with an extruded layer of XLPE compound according to IEC 60502, AS 1429-1, BS 5464 or SPLN 41-9.

The insulation screen made from extruded semi-conductive compound in combination with the metallic screen. The metallic screen consist of a layer of either copper tape or copper wires with copper tape binder. Conductor screen, insulaton and insulation screen are produced by triple extrusion with N2 gas drying curing.

The bedding and/or filler made from an layer of extruded PVC or non-hygroscopic material which compatible with the insulation and operating temperature of the cable.

The metallic sheath made from lead alloy material with kinds of grade such as 1/2 C, E grade. The main function of lead sheath is to protect the cable from physical deterioration caused by chemical liquid such as sulfides , waste oil and to provide an impermeable water barrier.

The inner sheath made from a layer of extruded PVC ST2 type to IEC 60502-2 or YM/2 type to SPLN 41-2 , type 9 to BS 7655 or other international standards.

The armouring made from either welded continuously aluminium corrugated, galvanized round steel wire, galvanized steel tape, round aluminium wire or aluminium tape.
Cables Construction 2

The outer sheath made from a layer of extruded Polyethylene or PVC ST2 type to IEC 60502-2 or YM/2 type to SPLN 41-2 , type 9 to BS7655 or other international standards.

An underground cable essentially consists of one or more conductors covered with suitable insulation and surrounded by a protecting cover. Although several types of underground cables are available, the type of cable to be used will depend upon the working voltage and service requirements.

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