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Saturday, November 16, 2019

10 Most Popular Media Feed for Writing Related Website

10 Most Popular Media Feed for Writing Related Website

Here are the 10 most popular and favorite media feeds for writing-related information

  • AdAge. Mainly for ad and marketing news, but that news includes information about online content and magazines.
  • Folio:. Devoted to magazine publishing news.
  • MediaBistro. Shares a daily newsfeed of media-related information, from print to online and from mobile to television.
  • Poynter. Focuses on journalism-related topics, so, it's a little heavy on the newspaper side of the publishing/media industry.
  • AdWeek. Like AdAge, this site is mainly for ad and marketing news, but that often includes media-related news.
  • I Want Media. Collects headlines from across the Internet that are media-related.
  • Masthead. Focused on the Canadian magazine industry. 
  • Paid Content. Covers the emerging digital content industry, especially how it is monetized.

5 Top things you need to know when working with the Media

  • When speaking to the media, you want to come across as confident, approachable, authoritative, and knowledgeable. You are the expert; that is why the media is interviewing you. The message is the key!
  • The media plays an important role in reaching prospective clients. Three-quarters of a local audience is watching TV news; 54% listen to talk radio; and although local newspaper circulation is declining, it is still a viable option
  • The only thing you have complete control over in an interview is YOU; i.e., what you say, what your message points are, and what you want to convey
  • There is a way to bring the interview message back when the topic strays: "The person who is interviewing you directs the questions and topics, but the interviewee has 100% control over the answers" 
  • Write out key points ahead of time; e.g., "Although the national numbers are bad, the local numbers are ..." Script your 2 / 3 / 4 key message points ahead of time so you can discuss them conversationally

Do you have a favorite media feed that's not on this list? Please share with the Not Bob gang in the comments below.

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