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Sunday, April 12, 2020

How can you make money blogging on Blogspot?

I love this question, I have been with my blogspot blog for 10 years and it has been the most phenomenal experience in the world, not only because I can write but also because I can express myself creatively and generate income with it. 

Generally, it is associated with adsense with blogspot, however, the options to monetize are unlimited, but for reasons of time, I will give you precise ideas and hence you break down in more depth what calls your interest.

The blogspot created for a business, that is, you have your business premises and create a page for it. You position yourself on the internet as an expert in the service or in the products that you have locally. In this way, people will come to your store because they read to you week by week and they know that you are the one who dominates the area or the subject. More clients, more money. Better yet, loyal customers who will recommend you for your expertise.

A medical office has its blog, to offer care issues after treatment, on recommendations or steps to follow in case of x situation, and they post their numbers and address on the blog, so that when a patient needs a consultation, they come to whom already in advance offers online help.

A hairdresser, has her blog to show a gallery with photos of her clients or to mention trend hair products. (who also sells said products apart from their service).

A teacher has his blog to offer updates on topics in his area and not only gets recognition but can offer consultations and private courses through his own blog.

The blogspot created for product reviews. They use pages like Gearbest or Amazon for which they will make a profit if they sell these products. Of course, the better the article is made and attract more traffic, the more sales and money you can generate. Which will be key, that if the blog is technology, do not deviate from the topic and only make technology reviews. If the blog is fashionable, only fashionable articles. But, if you manage to get a very precise category, you will grow faster, for example: "reviews of items for sushi restaurants" "reviews of industrial cleaning products" "technology reviews for twitch streamers". Because they are themes, they only seek a certain niche and it is easier to retain the audience.

Blogspot to solve "how to make money online" is currently one of the topics that most generates money because you review a place that is not spam and serves to earn money.

 Example: I made this article: Easy, Fun and Fast Way to Make Money Online is about making money by solving captchas. Pay for every 1,000 resolved captchas, about $ 1. And for referrals, you pay 10% of what your referrals work, that is, for every dollar your referral makes, you earn 0.1 $. Now come two important factors, how much money can your referral generate over time? Are you only going to have a referral? Well, answering the first question, the amount of money that can be generated by each referral is unlimited and obviously that with an article you will not have only 1 referral. 

So month by month, you will be earning money just for that article that you have created. Imagine, how much money can you generate if you dedicate the blog to these recommendations. Only you should always take care that they are sites that pay.

Some useful tools to make money from blog:

Tool to get keywords and amount of people searching for those words. It has a very good way of displaying information that you can take advantage of to create fabulous articles that allow you to better position yourself in search results.

Sell ​​Digital Downloads & Memberships - Payhip With this website you can sell your books, courses, consultancies, graphic designs, magazines, manuals, logos, etc. and they are in charge of collecting. This helps a lot because (it happens to me) one is afraid to sell a book and charge by paypal and that the person asks for an absurd refund and one is left without the book and without the money. They ensure that everything is perfect with payment and will only distribute your product if they have payment. And they also offer more means of payment so that the one who buys can use what is available, increasing the chances that you will sell in any currency or with a credit card!

Professional Writers: in case you don't know how to write your article or if you want help in setting up your blog, there are hundreds of professionals (including me) ready to help you build the blog of your dreams.

Publishers panel | Publisuites | Register as publisher this website is in charge of linking your blog with companies that want to promote their products or services and pay you for publishing that article on your blog. The amount of the payment varies depending on the audience and number of people who visit your blog month by month. They pay by paypal. 

Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose the area in which your blogspot is developed so that the opportunities are related to the audience you are creating.

You can create your Join - Skillshare courses and promote them on your blog. For each student who enrolls in your course, you will earn $ 10 direct to paypal. So it will be important to create a good course and have a good blog article that motivates that student to see you. It has the plus, that if your course has more than half an hour of views per month, they pay you more money based on the number of minutes obtained. You will have the blog so that it works to bring traffic to your course but also to keep students aware of news or new courses.

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