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Monday, March 1, 2021

Transformer on Load

When an electrical load is connected to the secondary winding of a transformer and the transformer loading is, therefore, greater than zero, a current flows in the secondary winding and out to the load.

This secondary current is due to the induced secondary voltage, set up by the magnetic flux created in the core from the primary current.

Transformer On-load

The great electrical book writer B.L. Theresa explained the transformer On-Load as below:

Transformer Loading and On-load Phasor Diagrams are shown in the above diagram that explains the loading condition of a transformer.

A load calculation will provide following: 

Secondary voltage(s) Secondary current(s) From this, the VA rating of the transformer can be calculated. 

VA rating of secondary = Secondary voltage * secondary current. 

VA rating of transformer = VA rating of secondary 1 + VA rating of secondary 2 + VA rating of secondary 3 + .....

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