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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

10 Basic Electrical Appliances in Our Daily Life

Electrical Appliances or Tools in Our Daily Life

Do you want to know the name of electric-powered appliances or tools and want to increase your general knowledge, then today in this article I am going to tell you the names of the main 10 such electric appliances which run on electricity in our around every day.

I will tell you about the work, power consumption, price, and life of all those 10 appliances, which will not have any problem for you to understand, and also I am going to tell you about such power tools which use less energy, we are electricity-saving equipment. also, say.

The names of all 10 types of electrical appliances are as follows:

01) Electric Bulb
This is the main device powered by electricity, which gives us light in the dark, due to which I can do my important work like cooking, studying, etc.

2) Electric Fan
We need it only in summer, we do not need it in cold. It works to give cool air in the summertime, which gives rest to our body and we are able to sleep comfortably at night by running the fan.

3) Television or TV
Although we have many sports for our entertainment, through TV we can also entertain ourselves a lot by watching the news, information about different types of animals, sports cricket, football, etc.

4) Washing Machine
When our clothes get dirty then we have to wash them with our hands but there is a device which we know as a washing machine, it can clean our dirty clothes easily and dry them immediately.

5) Electric Iron
There are many clothes that do not look good after wearing, so they have to be women, earlier it was used to press cloth by heating a smooth iron tool in the fire, but in today's time, electric iron-like equipment also exists that this work can be done easily.

6) cooler
When in summer our fans also fail to give cool air and especially when heatwave happens then we need some such device which can provide us cool air and our body gets rest so for this we use cooler which They are a type of electric appliance.

7) Micro or Electric Oven 
It is the most important appliance for our kitchen which can easily heat any food in a pinch which our gas stove cannot do.

8) Geyser
When the cold weather comes, then we have to take a bath the most, in such a situation, we need hot water immediately, for which we use gas, but there is such an electric device that can play the water immediately, which we can use as a geyser. know by name.

9) Freezer or Refrigarator
During summer, the vegetables, fruits, cold drinks, etc. kept in our kitchen get spoiled quickly, so we use such a device so that all our kitchen ingredients are saved from getting spoiled for many days, so for that, We have to use refrigerator equipment.

10) Room Heater
It is generally used only on cold days. When the temperature of our room becomes high during the winter, our body is unable to withstand that temperature, for which we need a device from inside which hot air comes out, so we have to use room heaters. Our room temperature is controlled to a great extent and we also feel cold.


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