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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

10 Killer Techniques to Increase Website Traffic and Coming Back

10 Killer Techniques to Increase Website Traffic and Coming Back
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10 Killer Techniques You Should Know to Increase Your Website Traffic

Usually, in a guest post, the author's bio is found at the end. However, users may not click on the website link provided.
But with the help of the “Upside Down Down Guest Post” technology, you can remedy this problem.
First of all, write a great guest post related to your topic and insert a section or section of useful resources. Link your own website to a resource in this section.
Using this technique, you will find at least 70% more traffic than your author details.

Click to Tweet Links

This technology is the best way to get maximum traffic through social media. Statistics show that you can get many more social shares through Click to Tweet links.
Let’s know how Tweet links work.
First of all, find a sentence according to your tweet, For example, you have written about 5 new methods of cutting onions, so every single method can become a new tweet in its own right.
After that click on the click to Tweet link, go to clicktotweet.com, write your tweet, and build the link. Finally, add this link to your post.
Now whenever someone clicks on this link they will get a made tweet that they can share with their followers.

List Posts

What is a list post?
Writing any post as a long expanded list is called a list post.
As far as bringing traffic to your website, the list post is a great technique. Statistics also support this.
According to the analysis done by BuzzSumo on 10 million posts, the list post is shared about 6 times more than the other content.

Transform old blog posts

Find old blog posts on your website update them with new information and insert new photos or screenshots. Remove old information that is not currently useful.
You will definitely find increased traffic after your post has been live.

Enter Share Triggers in your content

What are Share Triggers?
Write your content in such a way that it can become part of a popular subject. Because of this, a lot of users will share it and you will find more traffic.

Take part in Podcast

Try not to start your own podcast and come as a guest on a popular podcast or channel. You will see that after every YouTube or podcast episode your traffic will increase.
And not only this, because traffic is related to your topic, you will get maximum benefit.
Carefully insert a link to your website in show notes or video descriptions.

Compose the potential viral content

There is no one formula for writing viral content. If this happens everyone can make their post viral.
But, there are some properties of every viral post, on which, we can increase the likelihood of its viral by composing our post.

Every viral post uses images, videos, or infographics.

Statistics show that in the post which has more use of image or video, 94% more shares are shared than other posts.

Useful Content

If your content is useful to readers and helps them, then it is definitely more likely to be viral. For example, you are giving useful information on the subject “how to succeed in your interview” or “how to make pea cheese”.

Write long content

Longer blog posts are more viral than small blog posts. Research of BuzzSumo suggests that blog posts of approximately 3000 words share 200% more shares.

Initial promotion

If you promote your blog post on a website like Reddit or Quora initially, the chances of the posting becoming more viral.

Post on social media at the right time

To post anything on social media sites such as FacebookInstagram, or Pinterest, the exact time has been determined according to the research which is shown in the following image

Change the format of the content

By converting your blog post into an eBook, Video, Report, Infographic, or Podcast, you can squeeze even more traffic. In addition, you can also get additional traffic by publishing your old blog posts on websites such as Linkedin.

Use the traffic sources of your competitors

If you find out where the traffic of your competitors is coming from, what can be a good thing about it?
Similarweb.com is a website through which you can learn more about the traffic sources of your competitors.

How to use this information?

If you see that your favorite is getting traffic through YouTube, then you also start your own YouTube channel. If he is getting traffic through the guest post, then you also post the guest on that website.
The advantage of this technique is that you do not have to guess about good traffic sources related to your subject. You get a list made through this website.

Get Traffic With the help of Forums

The effect of the forum in the context of traffic is undermined which is wrong.
In reality, through the forum, you get a ready funnel (funnel) that brings people to your website.
Whenever you start a new blog or website, your website has zero traffic. In such a situation, you can go to any popular forum and ask people questions to attract them to your website.
With this, you can also emerge as an effective learner by posting your content on the forum.

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