The Most Popular Technology Sites

The Most Popular Technology Sites

The Most Popular Smart Technology Sites List

Here in this page we will show you some popular and usable website address. You will find mainly-
01. Popular Technology Sites;
02. Android Smart Technology;
03. The Best Apple Technology Sites;
04. The Most Popular Linux Technology Sites;
05. The Most Popular Cryptocurrency News Sites.

Popular Technology Sites

The Verge's products database compiles user comparisons of products, this aside from the usual news.
TechCruch focuses on the business side of tech, news, and trends.

The technology section of the NYTimes.
Wired has been covering the intersection of technology, culture, and politics for nearly a quarter of a century. They are a leader in the tech-news industry.
At 20 years old, Ars Technica is one of longest-running tech websites on the planet.
Nearly six million redditors share news and discuss the latest developments in the tech industry.
Focusing on technology news and business of Silicon Valley. Originally founded by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.
Latest technology news from Reuters
The Next Web provides a mix of serious tech news and industry analysis and more lighthearted news that it files under "Distrct."
Tech reporting and analysis by Buzzfeed
Motherboard is Vice's technology section. It offers deep dives into tech news.
The Tech Section of the Wall Street Journal
Mashable offers news and opinion on all aspects of the tech industry.
CNet is one of the premier sources for tech news on the planet. Besides news and reviews, there's loads of how-tos and sneak peaks.
Clean Technica focuses on news and analysis of clean technologies.
Hacker News from Y Combinator offers a very technical discussion on tech
One of the oldest social tech news sites

The Best Apple Technology Sites

Brings all the latest news (and rumors, of course) about Apple. It's the most popular Apple blog on the web.
Over half a million Mac lovers unite on the Reddit Apple page to share news, hacks, tips, and tricks.

Dedicated specifically to Macs––that is, the computers, not Apple phones or tablets). Learn news and get help here.
Daily news site for all things Apple, hitting up all sorts of leads to learn more about Apple and people in the industry.
This site focuses on deals, reviews, and best of all, price guides.
Power Page publishes daily rumors about upcoming Apple releases, updates, and more.
Are you so in love with Macs that you sometimes feel like you're part of a cult of Mac? Then this how-to, review, and news site is for you.
OSX Daily brings daily tips and tricks for using your Mac.
If you're on the market for a new Mac or Apple product, then this site is for you. It tracks prices on all sorts of Apple products.
John Gruber is a writer who invented Markdown publishing format and closely follows Apple and offers his analysis on Apple news and products
Over 400,000 redditors share iPhone tips, gossip, news, and more.
iPhone Life is for those who live and breathe their iPhones, covering news, ho-tos, and reviews.
Life in LoFi offers tips and tricks as well as the latest apps for the iPhone photographer.
iPhone Hacks offers more than just literal iPhone hacks; it also offers news and reviews.
iPhone Photography teaches you all the ins and outs of your iPhone camera, which will help you maximize your photography.
Visit Unlock Boot all of your non-Apple sanctioned needs.
Daily coverage of Apple by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

The Most Popular Android Technology Sites

Nearly a million redditors come together to discuss all things Android, sharing news, rumors, tips, and reviews.
Brings you all the latest news on apps and games, reviews, and news.

A one-stop-shop for all the latest Android news.
Besides news and reviews, this site offers a the latest Android deals.
In addition to the usual news and reviews, the Android Guys also offer a variety of tips and tricks
A trusted source on all sorts tech stuff, and their Android page is no exception. They bring you the latest Android news.
Whatever phone you use your Android OS on, this site has the information for you. Latest deals, reviews, app advice, and more.
If you're all about that Droid Life, check out the latest Android product reviews here. Stay tuned to their podcast, too.
This YouTube channels compiles all sorts of advice for Android developers.
In addition to Android news, this site offers helpful buyer's guides for both phones and carriers.

The Most Popular Linux Technology Sites

Over 275,000 redditors come together to share news and tips about all things Linux.

Slashdot compiles the latest news about Linux from all over the web.
Linux Journal offers reviews, how-tos, and news about Linux.
Linux Magazine covers a variety of technical subjects, reviews new products, advice, and more.
The Riba Linux provides video tutorials on new Linux releases.
Linux Academy Blog offers in-depth how to articles for Linux software.
nixCraft is another online community dedicated to Linux users sharing tips and advice.
Tecmint offers tips and tutorials specific to Linux development.
Find the latest free Linux software downloads here.
Linux Today compiles news from all around the web with impressive frequency.
How to install and uninstall Sophos Antivirus in Linux
Short post to learn how to install and uninstall Sophos Antivirus in Linux.
Linux Insider shares Linux news from around the web.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency News Sites

CoinDesk brings news and analysis on cryptocurrency.
Over 400,000 redditors discuss all things crytpocurrency here.

Founded in 2011, Bitcoin Magazine is one of the oldest bitcoin news sites.
Leading site for bitcoin & cryptocurrency news and analysis
Owned by Roger Ver the site focuses on Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.
Offers news on a variety of cryptocurrencies,
Brave New Coin offers a steady stream of news about cryptocurrency.
Over 600,000 redditors discuss all things Bitcoin here.
CCN brings together cryptocurrency news from all over the world, as well as analyses on cryptocurrencies and scam watches.
CoinSpectator creates an easy-to-follow feed of crypto-news that falls through the cracks of bigger publications.
Reddit Cryptocurrency brings together over 300,000 people to share news about and discuss cryptocurrency. 
Coin Journal focuses on the legal, economic, and technological aspects of cryptocurrency.
Daily newsletter analyzing cryptocurrencies over the last day along with the top 3 cryptocurrency stories.

Best Cryptocurrency Follows on Twitter
Economist and Investor with great trading analysis of bitcoin.
CIO of BlockTower Capital

Bitcoin evangelist and author of Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money
BitGo engineer, Creator of
Comms at CoinCenter and focuses on cryptocurrency policy
Cryptocurrency futurist with deep insight into cryptocurrency and life
Founder of Ethereum
Rumored to be Satoshi and originally proposed smart contracts
Former bitcoin core developer
Creator of Litecoin
CEO of Coinbase
Cofounded Lightning
Founded CoinDesk and Currently at Messaricrypto
Blockchain Lead at JPMorgan
Anonymous cryptocurreny account
Advocate of Bitcoin
Blockchain Technologist and works at Fortune Magazine
CEO of Shapeshift
Director at DCGco
Owner of and supporter of Bitcoin Cash
@steveinpursuit #BitcoinCash
“Big Block Bitcoin is the only Bitcoin that has a chance of becoming global money.” - @steveinpursuit #BitcoinCash

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