This article described in brief on service provider obligation on materials and workmanship of civil work to execute an underground power transmission cable project.

How See Standards and Samples

All materials should  be the best quality of the respective kings specified or described in the Specification and Drawings and should  comply in all respects with the latest edition or amendment of the relevant British Standard except and insofar as that Standard is amended by this specification or Drawings.


The Works are to be constructed to lines, levels graded and dimension set out in the Drawing and it is hardly obligation for service provider to no make any departing from these lines, levels, grade and dimensions unless authorize  agree by the Engineer.

Importance of Samples to Project Oversee

Test to identify PVC & XLPE
Samples of materials and workmanship which is proposed to employ in the execution of the works should be submitted with the detail to the Engineer for his approval.

Should any material or workmanship be employed which do not correspond in quality and character with samples the Engineer may at his discretion order their replacement on the Service provider’s responsibility.

For Example:

To predict corrosion level for underground cable and others metallic outdoor structure that would erect under scope of project, the soil sample should collect and send to engineer for laboratory analysis and take necessary action plan for future.

The amount of sample soil not less than 250g, sealed and plastic container with details location levels must be ensured.


The testing of cement, concrete, brick, soil samples or other materials as required in connection with the construction of the Works should be carried out in laboratories approved by the Engineer. The Service provider should pay all costs incurred in making, transporting, testing and providing equipment for the testing of materials.


The service provider  should  keep his Works free from water so that all the work may be carried out in the dry and he should  construct any temporary dams, water courses and other Works and provide operate and maintain pumps as may be necessary for this purpose, all at his own expense.


Soil Disposal in Site Work
Typical Cable Trench
Throughout the period of construction of the Works the Service provider should maintain the whole area of his operation in a clean, tidy and safe condition by arranging his materials in an orderly manner. 

All rubbish, waste materials, spoil, debris etc. should  be systematically cleared off the working areas as it accumulated and should  be deposited at connection points allocated by the Engineer and removal from site by the Service provider  at his own expense.

No mining or quarrying right are included in this Contact, but surplus soil may be sold by the Service provider after agreement with the Engineer that the employer has no use for that soil. 

Access must be maintained during trenching works and removal, and return of soil from and to site to allow for this is deemed to be included in the excavation rates.


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