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Underground Power Cable Sealing and Drumming Procedure under High Voltage Cable Installation Project

This document established for only on high voltage underground power transmission project’s personnel who are related with underground power cable Packaging, shipping and handling in site; to protect the cable from any damage and easy understand the right handling procedure.

Cable end sealing correctly protects the cable from damage and cable pulling in site become more easy and safe.
·        Wearing cable sealing cap in both side of cable as soon as possible, protect ingress of moisture or water;
·        Cable sealing cap with eye-bolt, helps to cable pulling attaching pulling string;
·        Cable Sealing cap attached with metallic armor rather than copper core, helps to cable laying without damage;
·        Cable sealing metallic cap for metallic sheathed cable ensure long life.

Cable drumming in correct way helps the cable shipping and handling in site becomes less damage and manage to easy.

How Sealing and Drumming the Cable

Immediately after tests at the Manufacturer’s Works, both ends of every length of metal sheathed cable should be sealed with a metal cap which should be plumbed to the sheath.

Non-metal sheathed cables should have both ends of the cable sealed with a suitable cap which should not become punctured during transportation.

The ends of the factory lengths should be marked “A” and “Z”, “A” being the end at which the sequence of core numbers is clockwise.

Both cable ends should be kept within the drum flanges and battens. For oil filled cables, cable drums should incorporate and oil tank. The oil pressure in oil-filled cables should be constantly maintained above atmospheric pressure at all times. The oil pressure measured at the factory should be recorded on the drum, together with the temperature at which this measurement was made.

The cables should be wound on strong steel cable drums provided with wooden battens to protect the cable form damage. The drums should be arranged to take a round spindle and should be marked to indicate the direction of falling. Timber should be impregnated against for and termites.

Any cable required to be recovered is to be capped, connected to oil tanks if necessary and re-drummed following lifting.


Ensure Safety Induction during Commissioning

Considering the Cable Installation Site Situation

It is the service provider’s responsibility to ensure that he acquaints himself with the nature of the ground conditions prevailing in site transporting and in particular with the proposed cable routes.

The installation site situation for cables should be consider during financial quote in the schedule, should include for any and all types of excavation and back-fill on the “As found” basis.

Where cable routes pass along narrow roads the Service provider should allow for removal of trench spoil as it is excavated to avoid blocking access to the trench and to local houses and shops. If the road is surfaced back-fill is required to be sand of approved quality. All measurements should be made in lineal meters.


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