EHV & HV Cable Project Commissioning
High Voltage Cable Test Equipment

Professional Staffing During Project Pre-commissioning and Commissioning

During pre-commissioning the Service provider should provide all necessary supervisory and operating staff. The only involvement of the Employer’s staff will be in accordance with the training and instruction as in this specification.

During the commissioning phase, the Employer’s operating staff will operate plant and equipment under the supervision of the Service provider’s supervisors.

Prepare the Project for Commissioning Operation

The Service provider should have satisfied himself as to the capability of the Employer’s operators to carry out such operations as he may direct and should remain responsible for the successful performance of such operations

Throughout the whole of the Commissioning Period the Service provider should provide suitably qualified and experienced operating staff, who should instruct the Employer’s staff in the correct operating procedures.

Qualified Team of Staff for Commissioning

The Service provider should provide a team of suitably qualified and experienced engineers and technicians to pre-commission and commission the overall plant

The Service provider should also ensure that a suitably qualified commissioning engineer from the respective manufacturer’s own service organization should visit the site to check the erection or installation of each significant plant item, and to supervise the commissioning of the plant item until the basic functioning of the item has been demonstrated to the Engineer’s satisfaction.

Ensure Safety Induction during Commissioning

At all times the Service provider should ensure that his staff and any Sub-Service provider’s or seconded staff, observe all prescribed safety rules and permit systems.

For satisfaction of the employer, the service provider must ensure and certify that the project is ready to commissioning and all safety measured are passed as per specified standard.  

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