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What Would be Low Voltage Circuit Protection Major Feature?

What Would be Low Voltage Circuit Protection Feature?

Fuses are not to be used for protection of circuits below 1000V phase-to-phase, (Low Voltage).

All low voltage and DC circuit protection is to be provided by molded case, or miniature circuit breakers (MCCB).

Link carriers and bases shall be of approved manufacture and of such form and material to protect persons from shock and burns in normal service and maintenance. Links and fixed contacts shall be shielded to prevent inadvertent contact with live metal whilst the link is being inserted or withdrawn.

The labeling of carriers and bases shall comply with IEC 269 Identification labels fixed to panels, boards and desks for MCBs and links shall describe their duty, voltage, and rating.

What Would be the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) Kinds and Features?

All miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) shall comply with IEC 157 and be fitted with over-current releases of both the thermal and instantaneous types. All MCBs supplied on this contract shall be to short circuit category P2 of IEC 157.

Single, two, or three pole breakers may be used where appropriate, and a trip of one pole shall cause a complete trip of all associated poles. In addition, the rating given of MCBs supplied shall be confirmed as that appropriate to the enclosure provided.

The Contractor shall ensure satisfactory time and current grading with other associated miniature circuit breakers or MCCBs.

Kind and Type Selection of Distribution Boards and Isolators 

Distribution boards shall be provided throughout the plant for local distribution of lighting, small power, and air conditioning supplies. The lighting and small power circuits may use a common distribution board.

Distribution boards shall be of 1 kV AC 1.2 kV DC rating and conform to IEC 439. All distribution boards shall be of the weatherproof enclosure type and shall be arranged so that the door or cover can be locked in the closed position.

All triple pole and neutral boards shall provide satisfactory cable entry for all cables that could be required for the number of circuit facilities provided and shall have the neutral bar drilled for the full number of single-phase ways.

Each distribution board supplied from a remote location shall have a load-breaking/fault-making incoming isolating switch mounted adjacent to or as part of the distribution board. Each distribution board shall have removable top and bottom (undrilled) gland plates.

Each circuit in every distribution board shall be numbered and identified by means of a schedule attached to the interior of the door or cover of the board. The schedule shall be legible and durable to the Engineer'’ approval.

Twenty-five percent spare ways shall be provided for future use.

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