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Saturday, February 16, 2019

How Perform Civil Works on Underground Energy Transmission Cable Lines?

How Perform Civil Works on Underground Energy Transmission Cable Lines Considering the Site Condition of cable laying project?

How to Perform Civil Works on Underground Energy Transmission Cable Lines Considering the Site Condition of the Cable Laying Project?

This section of the works covers the design construction and maintenance of the civil works as required.

(i)                Manholes for cable joints
(ii)              Manholes for oil pressure systems
(iii)            Road crossings and ducts
(iv)            Cable protective covers and route markers.
(v)              Foot Path

How Use Foot Paths for Cable Laying?

Rates for supply and installation of equipment quoted in the appropriate Schedules shall be inclusive of all forms of foundations and ancillary equipment as fully completed covering excavation, ground preparation, installation testing, and reinstatement and shall be deemed to have included all material guarding and all temporary and access works.

Contractor to Satisfy Himself as to All Conditions

The Contractor will be held to have satisfied himself as to means of access to the Site of the Works, transport of labor, materials, and plant to and from and over the works, construction problems, nature of the ground on site, and other relative contingencies

What Would be the Access and Transport Type?

The Contractor will in consultation with the Engineer make all inquiries and arrangements with the proper authorities as regards access to the site of the works.

What Would be Setting Out and Levels for the Underground Cable Route?

The Contractor is responsible for setting out the Works in accordance with the location shown on the drawings. The Contractor shall relate all his route profiles to the National Geodetic Level (ordnance datum) and be responsible for all leveling necessary to achieve this. The nearest benchmarks may be some distance from the cable routes.


How to Consider the Ground Conditions for Cable Route?

It is the responsibility of the Contractor to carry out his own investigations to the satisfaction of the Engineer to determine the nature of ground conditions prior to the design of the foundations by soil tests and investigations. 

The results and interpretation of all such tests and investigations together with the said characteristics proposed to be assumed for the design of each of the foundations, shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval before the preparation of foundation working drawings and no foundation working drawings will be approved by the Engineer until such data has been submitted and approved by the Engineer. 

No claim by the Contractor for extra payment will be considered for carrying out these detailed soil investigations and tests.

How to Prepare the Engineering Design and Drawings for Underground Cable Transmission Lines Route?

The Contractor will be responsible for the design and detailing of all civil works and shall submit all drawings and calculations for the Engineer’s approval before the commencement of construction.

The Contractor shall allow for a phase-out submission of drawings for approval by the Engineer and at least 2 weeks from the date for receipt by the Engineer of each batch of drawings is to be allowed for detail checking.

Unless specified otherwise, design and details shall accord with the latest published editions of B.S., I. E. C., or other approved standard

Reinforced concrete shall be designed by British Standard Code of Practice BS 8110: loading including wind loading shall be under British Standard Code of Practice G.P.3 Chapter V Parts I and II with factors as appropriate to each location, structural steelwork where used designed to British Standard 5950: Foundations designed to British Standard Code of Practice G.P.8004.


Structure Bases

Base for the sealing and structures shall preferably be combined with the foundations of other sub-station equipment being installed

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