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Label & Nameplate for Plant & Equipment
Water Cooling Plant Pipe Line Arrangement

Identification Labels and Nameplates for the Plant and Equipment

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance to service provider on their responsibility to ensure the plant and equipment identification labels and nameplates in the electricity safety, quality and standard regulations. 

Also, clarify the necessary actions for service provider to demonstrate compliance with the employer requirements for a construction of new or extension project.

Drawing Identification Number

The Service-provider should prepare comprehensive Plant or Equipment identification Schedules

The Schedules should include the respective flow sheet or Drawing/Diagram identification Numbers.

Drawing Sizes

Drawing sizes to be used are in this project is as 1: 10, 1: 20, 1: 25, 1: 33-1/3, 1: 50, 1: 100, 1: 250, 1: 500, 1: 1000, 1: 2500 (Overall Plot Plan Only).

Size Designation Drawing Dimensions (mm x mm)
210 × 297
297 × 420
297 × 630
297 × 840
420 × 594
594 × 841
841 × 1189

Numbering of Drawings

Drawing number should be as standard manner, like as PX-XX-XXXX-X/X-AX to identify the drawing easily. 

Where, PX is plant location and XX is the unit number. XXXX is the four digit serial number. Multiple drawing may have the same serial number but different unit number, again when drawings have the same title and function, they must have the same serial number and must be identified by using X/X sequential number/total number. AX is define the size of design.

Labels and Nameplates

The Service-provider should supply and install all labels, ratings, instruction and warning plates necessary for the identification and safe operation of the Works.
All label and name tag should be clearly visible, positioned in the line of sight, and free from any obstructions. Post the label and nameplate at appropriate distance, lighting, order if grouping and direction.

Label and Nameplate Material Characteristics

Nameplates of labels should be non-hygroscopic material with engraved lettering of a contrasting colour or, alternatively in the case of indoor circuit-breakers, starters, etc. of plastic material with suitably coloured lettering engraved thereon. 

Items of Pant such as valves, mounted outdoors or subject to harsh operating conditions, should be provided with engraved chromium plated brass or stainless steel nameplates or labels with engraving filled with black enamel.


Labels and Nameplate Fixing Procedure

All the above labels and plates should be securely fixed to items of plant and equipment with stainless steel rivets, plated self tapping screws or other approved means. The use of adhesives will not be permitted.
Language and Alphabet of Label and Nameplate
The language of labels, plates and notices should comply with the requirements of the Contract. Sometime it’s may be in bilingual.
All label and nameplate should be easy to read and understand for employees and visitors by using clear language and symbol. A signs with symbol and language is more efficient.

Design and Graphics of Labels and Nameplate

Individual plant items and all relevant areas within the contract works where a danger to personnel exists should be provided with plentiful, prominent and clear warning notices.
These warning notices should draw attention to the danger or risk with words which attract attention and summarize the type of risk or danger. The notices should also carry a large symbol which graphically depicts the type of risk.

Electrical Plant and Equipment Label Diagram

All equipment within panels and desks should be individually identified. The identification should correspond to that used in schematic and wiring diagrams.
Electrical DB load Maping
Typical Sub Distribution Board Diagram

Each circuit breaker panel, electrical control panel, relay panel etc., should have circuit designation label mounted on the front and rear. Corridor type panels should additionally have circuit designation labels within the panels.
All equipment and apparatus mounted there on should be clearly labeled in an approved manner. The function of each relay, control switch, indicating lamp, MCB, link etc. should be separately labeled.
Withdrawals relays, or items which can be detached from a base plate, or rack should carry an identification label on both fixed and withdrawals portions. The identification should correspond to that used in the associated schematic and wiring diagrams.


Label and Nameplate Relocation for Construction Plant

During expansion work in an existing plant, including nameplate and numbering system some facilities may need to change or re-locate. 

Re-located equipment or total equipment of plant label and nameplate may need to replace by new one to ensure uniformity. 

The Service-provider should be responsible for the relocation, or replacement of all labels on existing plant, which became inaccurate as a consequence of the contract works.

Pipe and Valve Nameplate and Labeling for Plant

All pipe and valve must be tagged as per described in details plan. Pipe and valve labels should be circular and fitted under the hand wheel captive nut. 

For check valves and normal valves the Service-provider may provide rectangular labels fitted to the valve or secured close by the valve.

The inscription or “name” on each valve label should summarize the duty of the valve, and the number shown on each valve label should be the number in the unified plant valve numbering scheme.
Key point followed for pipe and valve labeling and numbering:
a. All markers to be in positions that are visible to personnel;
b. Marking must confirm to pipe service identification fluid;
c. Must confirm all information noted on drawing;
d. Every point where pipe enter or exit from wall or exchange direction must marked;
e. Must tagged on each riser and tee point;
f. Flow direction, if flow both direction must use double headed arrow;
g. Number of the valve summery;
h. Service controlled location;
i. Location of the valve;
j. Space or area controlled by the valve;

Flow Direction Label and Nameplate

Where the direction of flow through a valve or other device is an important requirement for correct functioning, the body of the valve or device should be legibly marked with a cast on, or alternatively, a properly secured arrow, showing the direction of flow.

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