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Heat Stress Region where Heat Stroke hits frequently

To manage outdoor work and worker in heat stress region, it’s obligatory follow the midday break:

The manager or supervisor who manage the outdoor worker in the most hot region of the earth especially in summer time they must take care about heat stress what may causes up to heat stroke to worker. 

Particularly sub-Saharan region is the most remarkable region; but recently geographical area increasing adding others site-country due to increasing global warm rapidly. 

During summer temperature increases more than 50oC in MENA countries which is very difficult to stay outside for midday worker. 

Some Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan also reaches above 40oC during that time. Every year a remarkable numbers of people die in this countries due to heat stroke, majority of those are outdoor worker.

The discussion of this article is limited on safety awareness and precaution to save the worker who is involved with outdoor works. This is the self motivation to increase knowledge to tackle the critical situation and   reduce losses by heat stress and heat stroke.

Key points to identify and fingering the heat stress:

Heat stress is a normal physical condition which is caused by any physical exertion. However, when directly exposed to sun rays in extremely high temperature for human body, this can exceed 50oC or 120oF which may direct to other adverse health effects.

Heat exhaustion can occur if an employee becomes too hot for long time, expends too much energy and does not drink enough water. While moisture increases in air as well as temperature increase, human body can sense heat exhaustion easily; but while percentage of air moisture falls extremely, human body can’t sense until reach adverse heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is generally not dangerous while the symptoms are:
·        Profuse sweating;
·        Muscle cramps, generally in the legs and abdomen;
·        Nausea; and
·        Dizziness.


First Aid for heat exhaustion:

Reading primary symptoms of heat stress or heat exhaustion any one can recover him taking some First Aid treatment. First Aid for heat exhaustion is as below-

·        Help the patient to lay down in the shade or air conditioned area;
·  Give water in small amounts every 2 to 3 minutes until the employee recover;
·        Shift the patient to, or call for assistance from the Medical centre;
·        Not allow to drink salt or ice water;
·        Apply cool water to the back of the neck and wrists.

 Key points to identify and fingering the heat stroke:

Heat stroke is rare but is potentially life threatening. If failed to identify the primary heat exhaustion, it’s may lead to heat stroke after setting in and has the following symptoms:

  • The patient stops sweating but is very hot to the touch;
  • The patient will be turn as a disoriented or may become unconscious;
  • The patient generally will suffer condition of heat exhaustion prior to heat stroke effects. 

First Aid for heat stroke:

If heat stroke symptoms appear then not wise to delay rather than shift the patient to medical treatment. The first aid for heat stroke is as bellow-
  • Call for medical assistance immediately;
  • Move the patient into shade or air-conditioned area;
  • If available Pack ice, around the patient wrist, under the arms, and groin area;
  • Use water if ice is not available;
  • If patient is conscious give small amounts of water to drink every 2 to 3 minutes;
  • Remove clothing from chest to torso;
  • Do not allow stroke patient to swallow ice and salt;
  • Keep the patient calm and wait for medical assistance to arrive.
It’s better to take preventive measure before fall anyone on life threaten heat stroke. Most of the Sevier heat stressed region countries labor department imposes law to the employer mandatory midday break for outdoor worker.



  1. Middle east desert area is very hot, temperature near about 55 C in summer time, very hard to survive construction worker !!!

  2. now heat increase coming every where !!


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