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Spare Parts Availability Required for Plant and Equipment Maintenance, Emergency and Commissioning Purposes

Spare Parts Availability Required for Plant and Equipment Maintenance, Emergency and Commissioning Purposes

The Service-provider is responsible for providing adequate stocks of spare parts. In selecting plant for duty in Bangladesh serious consideration is to be given to the spares requirements. Manufactures are to certify that they shall ensure spare parts will be available for the lifetime of the equipment.

All parts supplied must be strictly interchangeable and suitable for use in place of the corresponding parts supplied with the plant. They shall comply with the Specification and are to be suitably marked and prepared for storage and provided in containers or packaging suitable for storage on tropical conditions. Where an item is subject to a limited shelf lift this shall be clearly indicated on the spares list, and the packaging etc shall be marked with the expiry date.

What is the Maintenance and Essential Spares for Underground Energy Transmission Lines?

The Contract is to include for all spares required for the normal overhaul maintenance and repair of the plant supplied for a period of 5 years from the completion of the Service-providers.

Due to the remote location of Bangladesh, and the inherent difficulties of obtaining convertible currency in order to purchase spare parts, the Service-provider is required to carefully evaluate the spare parts requirements.


The Service-provider must be able to justify his proposed schedule of spares, taking the above into account. If during the execution of the Contract the Engineer considers that the proposals for spares are inadequate, (as supported by manufacturers spare parts recommendations) the Service-provider shall be required to remedy the shortfall at his own expense.

In addition to the spare parts for the major items of plant, such as switchgear and transformers, which are to be delivered to the Employer's, stores the Service-provider shall install lockable storage racks and cabinets at each sub-station. These racks and cabinets are to be locally manufactured and are to contain the spares required for the remainder of the plant at that site. Inventories of the spares provided are to be included, and these items are to be handed over, with the taking-over of the individual sections of the works.

What Emergency Spares Parts Necessary for Underground Electrical Energy Transmission Lines?   

Emergency spares provided for maintenance and essential purposes, the Service-provider is to propose a schedule of emergency spares he considers that it would be prudent for the Employer to purchase. These spare are to contain parts that would not normally be provided, but due to their long lead-time, or essential nature in the case of accidents or emergencies, would be required to return the plant to service.

The Employer may order all or any of these spares at his discretion.


Commissioning Spares Requirement for Electrical Energy Lines

In addition to the spare parts being provided for the Employer, the Service-provider is responsible for ensuring that he has access to a stock of commissioning spares. Spares provided for the Employer are not to be utilized as commissioning spares, without written approval, in which case the Service-provider shall immediately replace the contract spare at his own expense.

All commissioning spares are considered as Service-providers equipment.

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