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Spare Parts
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The Spare Parts Provision and Condition Included as Obligation for service-provider

The Service-provider is to propose comprehensive schedules of spare parts requirement for 5 years service of the Plant.

Those Spare Parts required for routine maintenance are to be provided under the contract agreement.

The Service-provider should provide detailed schedules of those emergency spares he considers that it would be prudent for the Employer to purchase in schedule as Recommended Spare Parts.

The Service-provider should guarantee and provide certificate from the manufacturers that spare parts for all plant should be available for a minimum period of 10 years from contract completion.


Spare Parts Delivery and Handover Requirements

The local currency element should include all handling, local transport and delivery to a store or stores nominated by the Employer. Spares should be handed over to the Employer as soon as they arrive on site, and should be checked in the presence of the Employer’s representative. The Service-provider should obtain a receipt for the material at the time of delivery to the Employer’s stores.

Any spare material so ordered should be strictly interchangeable with the parts which it is intended to replace, packed and treated in such a manner as to be suitable for storage in the climate at the site for an indefinite period and each part should be clearly marked for identification purposes, outside the package where applicable.

Schedules of spare materials in triplicate should be handed over to the Employer arranged for the easy identification and checking of materials at the time of hand over. Prior to the handing over date for Service-provider spares, the Service-provider should be responsible for all security arrangements and the safe custody of the spare materials.

In addition to the contract spares listed the Service-provider should ensure that sufficient stocks of commissioning spares are available on site to enable the rapid correction of any defect discovered during site testing.


Commissioning Spare Parts Obligations

The provision of commissioning spares is the Service-providers responsibility and the cost of these is to be borne by the Service-provider. Contract spares are not be utilized as commissioning spares.

The Service-provider should submit to the employer’s representative, on a monthly basis, a complete schedule of the stock of commissioning spares available on site. In addition the service-provider should provide a monthly return on all items which have required replacement from the commissioning spares stock. The Employer or his representative may require the service-provider to return any item of defective plant to the manufacturer for a report on the cause of failure.

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