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Handover a Project
Fig- EHV-HV Electrical Substation

The Handover-Takeover Procedure after Achievement a Turnkey Project 

The article furnished to prepare a project for final tusk just turn the key from service-provider to employer, after completion the all work to able the plant run successfully. Here denoted the procedure- commissioning the plant after finishing all physical works, the guideline for responsibility of any defect after handing over the plant and final acceptance procedure of the project.

Plant Taking Over Conditions after Completion the Work

After satisfactory completion of the tests on commissioning, the Engineer will issue a taking over certificate for the plant. 

The issue of any such certificate shall not however relieve the Service-provider of any of his responsibilities in respect of proving that the performance of the plant meets the guaranteed values.
The Taking over certificate shall make reference to a schedule of outstanding minor defects and omissions which have been accepted by the Engineer as not affecting the full and safe operation of the plant. 

The Service-provider shall rectify such defects and omissions not later than 3 months after taking over.
The date certified in the taking over certificate shall be the date on which the tests on completion were completed.


Responsibility for Defect after Taking over the Plant

Accordance with the General Conditions of Contract, the service-provider shall be responsible for making good defects or damage which may appear or occur during a 12 month guarantee period from the date certified in the Taking over Certificate.
Following any remedial work or replacement of any component part during the 12 months, the guarantee period for such a part shall be extended, commencing from the date at which the remedial work was completed.
Immediately prior to the completion of this period the Employer reserves the right to request the Service-provider to open up for inspection the whole or any part of the Plant. 

The Employer will provide the labour to works under the direct supervision of the Service-provider’s representative for the purpose of such inspection.
The Service-provider shall submit for approval the arrangements he intends making under this contract for the making good of defects and for providing the supervisory service detailed above.

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