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The Store

The Site Materials Storage Protection and Handling Procedure

The service-provider should be responsible for providing his own storage area for the storage and protection against loss, theft or damage of plant, equipment and materials during the execution of the contract and until handover the plant.

The Service-provider should be responsible for the off-loading, transport and all handling of plant etc., supplied by him or his sub-service-providers.

The handling and storage of any plant at the site are to be at the risk and responsibility of the Service-provider and will not be the responsibility of the Employer. Watchmen should be provided by the Service-provider on own responsibility.

The Service-provider is to arrange for the protection of all material against corrosion and mechanical damage during storage and erection at the site, to the satisfaction of the Employer.

What Facilities Should be Provide at Site-store

The Service-provider should provide lockable cabinets in each of the individual substations, which are to contain the following:

v One set of paper prints of the complete record drawings for the section of the work. These should be arranged in a logical sequence in accordance with the drawing list contained in the O&M manuals. Record drawings are to be grouped into labeled pockets or binders to minimize disturbance in locating specific drawings. As-built drawings are to be stored in these locations prior to the issue of record drawings.

v Two complete sets of O&M manuals

v Volumes of factory and site test reports/certificates

v Copies of maintenance log sheets, record sheets etc.
v Space for stationery an operators’ log books

These cabinets should match other furnishings being provided in the substation and the location as such items is to be included in the design of the substation layout.


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