General Packing and Marking Specification for Engineering Plant and Equipment Shipment

Packing and MarkingThe purpose of this article to provide the general packing and marking specification and guideline to the suppliers, employers, vendors, transportation and erection contractor for an engineering plant and equipment shipment in an electrical power transmission line underground cable installation project under turnkey basis. The service-provider or the main contractor is the responsible to shift and transport the equipment and plant from abroad and within the employer country following the all rules and regulations.

This specification or guideline is the minimum requirements, the service-provider or vendor will ensure by his own experience using the nature of plant item and exact requirements in destination.

Packing and Marking Method

Each item is to be export packed and properly protected for shipment, transport and storage in the port area and for transport to and storage on Site.

All Plant provided under this contract shall have the packing marked in the following manner.

A green band shall be painted all around each package. The band shall be 8” wide or ¼ of the length of the packing whichever is the less. Each package should have the following information printed on it in bold letters:-

Port of Loading;
Name of Consignee;
Purchase Order Number;
Brief description of Stores;
Number of Package;
Gross, tare and net weight;
Contractors Name;
Contract Title;
Contract Number;
Port of Landing.

All members comprising multipart assembles, e.g. steel frameworks, are to be marked with distinguishing numbers and/or letters corresponding to those of the approved drawings or materials lists.

Colour banding and approved code is to be employed to identify members of similar shape or type but of differing strengths or grades.

Cases containing delicate items such as relays and instruments should carry a separate marking.

Sensitive equipment packages shall be opened in the presence of a representative of the Employer.

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