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The Inspection and Testing Procedure to Ensure Quality

The underground power cable transmission line, whole Plant supplied and works constructed under the contract should be subject to inspection and testing by the Engineer, by the Employer or, where appropriate by an approved inspection authority should they so require, during manufacture the equipment, erection the plant and after completion the installation works.

Testing and Inspection ProcedureThe inspection and testing should include but not be limited by the requirements of this article of the specification and of the detailed inspection. Prior to inspection and testing the plant and equipment should undergo pre-service cleaning and protection as specified in the section of the specification.
Following Inspection and Test should be carryout in the underground power cable transmission line project:
·     FAT or Factory Acceptance Test, before shipment the plant or equipment this test must be completed;
·  PLI or Post Landing Inspection, after arrived the plant or equipment this inspection should carry out;
·  SAT or Site Acceptance Test, during installation or erection the plant or equipment this test should carry out to satisfy the employer;
· Pre-commission, before final commissioning the plant satisfactory pre-commissioning should carry out;
·       Commission, final commissioning test must be carry out before energize the plant.

What Standard Should Follow to Ensure Quality

Where no test is specified then the various items of plant, materials and equipment should be tested in accordance with the relevant British, American or National Standards acceptable to the Engineer. Where no appropriate standard is available, tests should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard practice which must meet with the prior approval of the Engineer. 


Notification for Inspection and Testing

Fourteen days notice of the readiness of plant for test or inspection and every facility should be provided by the service provider and sub-service provider to enable the Engineer to carry out the inspection and witness the test.

Equipment should be packed, prepared for shipment, or dismantled for the purpose of packing for shipment only when it has been inspected and approved (or inspection has been waived) and written instructions have been received from the Engineer.

Within 30 days of acceptance of the agreement the service provider should submit a quality assurance program and a work quality program for the Engineer’s approval.

Responsibility for Quality Assurance

The Engineer should have the right to supervise and witness tests of all materials to be used and all workmanship employed in connection with manufacture.
Each part of the work should be commenced after prior approval from the Engineer. This should not relieve the service provider from any liability or obligation under the agreement and he should be responsible for the acts, defaults and neglects of any sub-supplier, his agents; employees or workmen as if they were the acts, defaults, or neglects of the service provider.

Quality Assurance Plan

For control of the quality of manufacture, material control and documentation, the service provider and each main sub-service provider should submit a copy of his manufacturing program and three unparsed copies of all guidelines and sub-guidelines from the Engineer. 

These documents will be examined and classified according to the extent of expediting, quality audit or inspection required. The approved manufacturing program should be integrated with the Engineer’s Quality Department work program. 


Manufacturing Capacity

The Service provider should furnish evidence that he and his sub-service providers have supplied other equipment of a similar type and size that should have been in commercial operation successfully for a minimum of four years.
Engineer require reviewing and approving any manufacturing capacity; the Service provider should secure permission for such reviews to be made by the Engineer.
To ensure the inspection and testing for power transmission underground power cable project, each and every test and inspection standard and safety measure must comply with international and local or national standard.
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