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Saturday, September 21, 2019

ECC – Earth Continuity Conductor

What Is ECC Cable or Earth Continuity Conductor?

ECC or Earth Continuity Conductor is the part of the earthing or grounding system which joins or bonds together all the metallic parts of an installation network: Conduit, ducts, boxes, metal casing of switches, switch-fuses, fuse distribution boards, regulating and controlling apparatus, exposed metal work of machines and any metal framework on which electrical apparatus in mounted.
ECC – Earth Continuity Conductor

Earth Continuity Conductor is a name utilized in IEC world. It is called grounding conductor in North America. As the name suggests, it keeps up the continuity of the earthing or grounding all through the electrical network. It could be an bare or uncovered conductor or single conductor or a conductor of a multi-conductor cable. By and large, the size of the grounding conductor is littler than the power conductor in a multi-conductor cable. It is same as the PE (protective conductor) of TN system as defined in standard code IEC 60364-1.

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ECC or Earth Continuity Conductor is a third conductor in line network or main distribution system  with line and neutral that, bonded to earth for providing connection for safety purposes to any metal component not enclosed in the electrical circuit. 

An earth or grounding conductor is a conductor set that provides a low impedance path. Earth conductor mainly conduct any unwanted leakage or fault current away from a conductive electrical appliance.

The earth continuity test, or the earth bond test, ought to guarantee that there is a decent association between the mains plug and any earthed metal parts. For protection, earthing cable are intended to counteract electric shock by permitting the passage of current under faulty conditions.

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