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Monday, February 18, 2019

Employer Obligations for Safety for The Workplace

Safe work Site


Your EMPLOYER must ensure:

1. A safe construction site- for you, visitors, and members of the public.
2. Safety Policy & Safety Information is made available.
3. Safe construction Plant and Equipment for you to use.
4. Safe Work Activities- the way you carry out an activity must be safe to protect you, visitors, and members of the public.
5. Competent Staff- People who work with you and your Supervisors are trained to do their job safely.


Your EMPLOYER must ensure

You are trained to do your work safely. 
You have the right personal protective equipment. 
You are supervised to carry out your work safely.
You have access to washing & toilet facilities.


THIS FOR THE PUBLIC where the PUBLIC are nearby, check:

The work is fenced off from the public.
Workplace Safety
Fig: Banana Skin as Sccident Staff

Are road works barriers off and well?

Are the public protected from falling materials?

All ladders must only be used by workers.

All excavations and openings are securely covered or fenced off.

Is all plants immobilized to prevent unauthorized usage?

Are flammable or dangerous substances locked away in secure places?

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