The Guide to Understand the Fire Precautions at Your Workplace

Procedure of Operating a Fire Extinguisher

What to do if there is a fire in your workplace?

If there is a fire, the first priority is to ensure that everybody can reach a safe place quickly. Putting the fire off is totally second priority. The recorded danger from fire in the workplace is the spreading of the fire and generated heat and smoke seriously. If there is no enough system to detect fire and generate alarm to safe escape, the fire can trap people or they may be overcome by the heat and the smoke before they can evacuate.

Workplace need safe from fire:

Any workplace need to safe from if unexpected fire happen in any circumstances.

Any workplace which is on a construction site should within the meaning of regulation of Health, Safety and Welfare;
Any workplace which forms part of a mine, other than any building on the surface at a mine;

Any workplace which is on an offshore installation;

Any workplace which is on an aircraft, locomotive or rolling stock, trailer; should apply fire and safety roles adequately.

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Where there is possibility of a FIRE, check:

Is there flammable materials, liquids and gases on site?

Are they properly stored?

Are flammable gas cylinders returned to ventilated store at 
the end of the shift?

Are gas cylinders, associated hose and equipment used in 
good conditioned?

When gas cylinders are not in use, are the valves fully closed?

Are flammable and combustible waste removed regularly 
and store in suitable bins or skips?

Are the correct fire extinguishers located near the work?

The management of fire safety inthe workplace is a prime function of any manager. The terms manager or management should be taken to apply to the person who has overall control of the fire safety for the whole workplace all the time.


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