Good Housekeeping Promotes Safety

Housekeeping Issue for Safe Workplace 

Who keep clean workplace?

To maintain a safe and healthy workplace, housekeeping must be a priority. Poor housekeeping can present hidden hazards that may cause incidents, including being hit by falling objects, and slipping on oily, wet or dirty surfaces. Housekeeping responsibilities is embedded into with workers jobs to clean up as they go during shifts. Removing waste and unused materials and inspecting their work area to ensure cleanup is properly completed.

How keep clean workplace:

Cleanup and remove of all hazardous dust, such as lead or asbestos;

Containment and cleanup of normal spills or leaks of hazardous liquids, a major release of hazardous chemicals, of course, requires specialized personnel, equipment, and procedures;

Proper storage or disposal of empty or partially used containers of hazardous substances or of tools used for applying these substances such as brushes or cleaning equipment;

According to bestselling author and employee engagement expert Dr. Paul Marciano, employee engagement is about respect; workers who feel respected by their employers are far more likely to be engaged than those who feel disrespected. Good housekeeping is a key indicator of respect; you can easily gauge the level of respect employers have for their workers — and how workers about themselves — simply by looking at their housekeeping practices.

To keep your WORKPLACE safe, check:

ØAll waste materials are gathered up and placed in the appropriate rubbish bins.

ØThere are no protruding pipes & objects that can cause slips, trips and falls.

ØAll materials are stacked nearly and away from general circulation areas.

ØAll flammable materials are stored separately.

ØKeep dust down by use water sprays.

   We’ve all heard the phrase: “Your mother doesn’t work here. Clean up after yourself.” Not only is good housekeeping important at home, it’s important in the workplace as well.


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