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Ladder safety for using in any workplace should start before even stepping foot on one. The improper use of a ladder, or using an object other than a ladder to reach an item, can result in serious injury due to over-reaching or falling.  So every time you use a ladder you should do a pre-use check beforehand to make sure that it is safe for use. Statistics suggest that workers are more likely to abuse and misuse ladders rather than use them correctly in the workplace.

Ensure Safe and Smart LaddersHow Safe Ladder is used
 for Your Workplace to keep safe:

Three Point Contact rules for ladder user in important, 3-point contact means one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot must be in touch with the ladder while ascending or descending.

Someone opinions to banned the ladder to use in construction site due to huge accident, but ladders in good condition are no more or no less harmful to a worker's health and safety than any other tool on the job site. It is the actions and the behaviors of the workers using them that results in incidents and injuries. Focus on the hazards involved in using the ladders, the proper use of the ladder and safe behaviors during use to help the workers use this or any tool more safely.

Important tips to follow in your workplace to use ladder:

ØIs using a ladder the right way to do the job?

ØIs the ladder secure at either top or bottom when in use?

ØDo ladder rest against a solid surface and not on fragile or insecure materials?

ØDo ladder rise at least 900 mm above the landing platform?

ØIs the angle of the ladder when being used is 1:4 ratio?

ØNEVER use metal ladders for electrical work.

    Before stepping foot on a ladder in any workplace, employees should need to have a clear understanding of safe ladder practices. When utilizing a ladder for a workplace, supervisor should ask their subordinate to perform a quick evaluation of their environment, including the height of the working space, what supplies will be needed to complete their task; if they are wearing the right equipment to climb a ladder.

7 Useful Tips to Use Ladder at Construction Site

  1. Extend ladder 3' above the surface
  2. Tie off ladder at top
  3. 3-point contact at all times when climbing ladder
  4. Don't use if ladder has broken rungs
  5. For every 4' in height put ladder 1' back
  6. Secure ladder at bottom
  7. Never carry tools or materials on ladder
    However, climbing a ladder is important using three limbs in contact at all times. Naturally these limbs are move continuously while ascending and descending on a ladder. That's why you need to consciously practice till you're comfortable with the 3-point contact.

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