Use safe scaffolding in workplace
Fig- Scaffolding Arrangement

What Should Know About Scaffolding in Construction Project Execution?

All scaffolding must be erected, dismantled and altered in a safe manner.  This is achieved by following the guidance provided by the national and international standard. For scaffolds that fall outside the scope of a generally recognized standard configuration the design must be such that safe erection and dismantling techniques can also be employed throughout the duration of the works. 

To ensure stability for more complex scaffolds, drawings should be produced and, where necessary, these may need to be supplemented with specific instructions.

If SCAFFOLDING  are provided, check:

That only trained people are allowed to erect, alter and 
dismantle them?

The up rights are provided with base plates (and where 
necessary, timber sole plates)?

The scaffolding are checked daily, after alteration, and 
regularly for integrity and soundness?

Is the scaffold secure to the building or structure in enough 
places to prevent collapse?

There are double guard rails and toe boards, or other 
suitable protection, at every edge, to prevent falling?

Are additional brick guards provided to prevent          
 materials    falling from scaffolds?

Are the working platform fully boarded ,and are the boards 
arranged to avoid slipping or tripping?

Are there effective barriers or warning notices in place to 
stop people using an incomplete scaffold, eg where
working platforms are not fully boarded?

Is the scaffold strong enough to carry the weight the 
materials stored on it and are even these distributed?

A competent person check the scaffolding regularly, eg 
before use, weekly, and always after it has been altered, 
damaged and following extreme weather?

Are the results of the inspections recorded?

Have the wheels of mobile scaffolds been locked when in use 
and are the platform empty when they are moved?

The maximum height is 3 times the minimum base 


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  1. The safety is the key in our work because it's something we have to look to avoid accidents in our business, nice article


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