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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Excavation and Civil Works for Underground Cable Laying

Cable LAying Tools

Clearing and Grading Excavation Routes

The routes of all cable excavations shall be cleared and leveled so that on completion of the works the finished reinstated ground level shall be the same as that obtained prior to the commencement of the Works.

Foundation Pits Excavates Technique

Excavation for foundations to a greater depth or width than is directed or required shall be made good with concrete or with other suitable material to the satisfaction of the Engineer. No concrete shall be placed until the excavations have been inspected and approved by the Engineer. All replacement of unauthorized excavations shall be at the Contractor's expense.

The Surface to be Dry

Importance is attached to keeping dry and clean the excavated surfaces upon or against which concrete has to be deposited or built and no concrete is to be deposited until such surfaces are properly drained. Special precautions are to be taken to prevent water from washing out mortar whilst setting or in any way injuring the work. No reinforcement steel shall be placed in water and no water shall be permitted to rise over the reinforcement steel until the concrete has been placed. Blinding concrete shall be placed the same day the excavation is bottomed.

Shoring Procedure

The Contractor shall provide to the satisfaction of the Engineer all timbering or other approved supports and shore the sides of excavations, and pits, in such a way as will be sufficient to secure them from falling and to prevent any movement. All responsibility connected with such shoring shall rest with the Contractor.

Back-filling and Foundations Procedure

Refilling of foundation pits shall be carried out only after the foundations and structural Works within the excavations have been inspected and approved by the Engineer.

Unless otherwise directed all filling shall be approved excavated material and shall be deposited and compacted, using approval

How does Settlement?

The contractor shall be responsible for making well all settlements of filling due to any cause whatever may occur up to the end of the period of maintenance.

Surplus Material
All material surpluses to the requirements of fill and all debris and rubbish shall be removed and deposited as directed by the Engineer.

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