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Sunday, September 21, 2014

History Fasting and Politics

How Fasting comes Today?

If we search history of fasting are supposed to back into prehistoric age. About 5000 years ago people used fasting as a Therapeutic Fasting to recover their health from different dieses, even these days doctors prescribe fasting to recover physical fitness. Muslims, non-Muslims all believe that fasting is the most powerful therapy to recovery our health.

Who Offering Fasting:

Religious and spiritual groups of people practice religious fasting to purify their soul and training to receive apology of sins. Fasting is practised not only by Muslims, as well as Christianity, Judaism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Hinduism,  Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, Jews, Indian American, several Protestant sects, Episcopalian and Lutherans.

Uses of Fasting 

In modern times fasting even using as a political weapon, like hunger strike. Political prisoners, huge suffering groups of people have engaged in hunger strike. Mohandas Gandhi, leader of the struggle for India's freedom, highlighted by the use of fasting unto death's door to pressure and inspires his followers to show his principles.

Muslim's Fasting is Complete Different:

Muslim’s Ramadan Fasting is completely different from any other fasting. They practice fasting because of not any benefits; but because of it is mentioned in the last and final testament the Quran from the most gracious and most merciful Allah. 

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