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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ramadan Fasting and Regain Youthfulness

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Ramadan Muslim and Benefit:

Muslims never offer fasting for medical or any physical benefit. They practice blindly Ramadan Fasting for one month every lunar calendar because it oriented in the book of God, the holy Quraan. But yet, it came out a lot of health benefit from scholars researches on fasting as a result of Ramadan Fasting. Rejuvenescence is one of them from a long list. It is genuinely wonderful and even miraculous outcome of Ramadan Fasting which naturally come on our life. The scientific characteristic ‘rejuvenescence’ means ‘regain life’ or ‘regain youthfulness’.

Regain life for human is not possible; but we human always seeking to keep exist our youth or regain youthfulness. We all living things including human are always losing our youthfulness and every moment all over the world we are paying a lots of money and time behind the youthfulness to keep it exist forever in our personality.

If we look at the nature we found some creature observe fasting in their life to achieve rejuvenescence or regain life or youth: e.g- some moth used to go fasting for a certain time before it changes as a young butterfly; snakes used to go periodically fasting before change it skin and regain of youth; some kind of fishes, frog, tortoise, many desert or harsh spot creature used to fasting as a going long time sleep to regain life. Rejuvenescence by fasting is used in some creature’s life cycle in a period of time for change lower form of life to higher or adult form; on the other hand some are repeat this process to save their life from crises of food or very harsh climate.

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Human cannot get same benefit from fasting like other creature; but many scientists found the same process happing in human tissues. At the University of Chicago, Carlson and Kunde found their research after fasting for two weeks a 40 year old man his cellular physiology was changed as a 17 year old. These benefits are gained by elimination the cells of toxic metabolic accumulates.

Looking youthful because of right proportion and combination of cell nucleus; and result of Ramadan Fasting human body do this job extraordinarily.

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