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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Does Tree Can Generate Electricity?

How Does Tree Generate Electricity?

You may thinking how tree can generate electricity; but it is true not only tree, but also many other animals can generate electricity. today we know how tree can produce electricity. 

A team of French engineers has developed artificial tree that can generate electricity using wind force. They used the model of tree, tiny blades housed in the simulated leaves that turn in the wind, direction is not factor here.
Electricity Generating Tree
Fig: Tree Generating Electricity

It can be more popular than conventional wind turbine, because its blades size is very small and it can generate power on wind seed even less than 5 mile/hour. So, power harvesting possible from very little wind sources.

This power generating tree may use in urban or rural area, even roof top of the building. In the off grid area, this system may productive for street lighting, battery charging, mobile charging etc.

This artificial tree not only generating electricity, it also makes us thinking about real tree that can help to generate electricity using their roots to convert geothermal energy to electrical energy, tree skin may use as photosensitive cell to produce electricity converting sunlight.

If it is come in production effectively then green tree might be the model of perfect green energy sources.

To read details regarding how Tree Can Generate Electricity please visit following link:

Now electricity really could grow on trees! Scientists unveil prototype 'wind tree' that uses turbines hidden inside-plastic leaves to create power.


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