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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Green Electricity for Future Generation

Green Electricity

What would be the Future Generation Green Electricity, Should be thinking today.

We, everyone aware our primary methods of electricity generation are harming our environment seriously. So it’s time to thinking for an alternative power source.
A large huge of power generation, thermal-based facilities are using coal, oil or gas which cause of the leading source of carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is affecting our greenhouse gas which directly linked to climate change. Thermal or Fossil fuel-based electricity generation is also a major source of nitrogen-oxides, sulphur-dioxide, and heavy metal- mercury, lead, and cadmium etc emission into the environment and gives rise to respiratory diseases.

 Thermal power plant leaves ash & smoke is pouring negative impact on local ecosystems, nuclear power leaves a legacy of radioactive waste for future generations and posing potential safety hazards today.

Alternative Source of Electricity:

Green electricity may come from blending wind, harvesting sunlight, beating tidal waves, collecting geothermal, regional low-impact hydropower and many other renewable energy sources. All the above green electricity generating systems are cleanest and ecologically friendly, producing no emissions that contribute to air pollution or greenhouse gases. Eco-friendly Green Electricity must meet the range the environmental criteria and losses no biodiversity.

How go to a greener future?

To be sure, challenges exist and therefore the targets are ambitious. Still, the reports all conclude that the technology exists for the planet to transition to a totally sustainable energy system by 2050, which should keep the earth below the 1.5° Paris heating target.

Mitigating the impact of global climate change means fewer floods, storms, droughts and other extremes caused by warming temperatures.

It could also mean less pollution. Nine out of each 10 people on the earth breathe polluted air, consistent with the planet Health Organization, which may cause respiratory diseases, heart conditions, strokes and other life-threatening diseases.

Pollution, largely from burning fossil fuels, kills up to seven million people annually, with low and middle-income countries carrying the very best burden. This includes exposure to toxic fumes from using wood, coal or dung because of the primary cooking fuel.

A future powered by wind, solar and other sustainable energy sources, could also reduce energy bills. the prices of manufacturing wind and solar have plummeted in recent years and renewables remain on track to outprice fossil fuels in future.

Initiative for Clean or Green Electricity:

The respective authority should take initiative to make it easy for our home or business with green electricity as well as grid power. It must be available and reachable for mass people to purchase a suitable unit. Authority may provide the facility to the customers to provide critical financial support or voluntarily paying a premium to new renewable green energy project development. 

We locally have remained a lot of work to generate social awareness to reduce our home's or business' electricity-related environmental impact. We need a clear and strong understanding that using clean or green electricity we are helping to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, to keeping our globe safe and green for the future generation.


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