Story of Ancient Electricity

Bagdad Battery
The ancient battery in the Baghdad Museum

Ancient Electricity Generation and Using Procedure

Herein this article will try the understand the history of first electricity evaluation and ancient electricity generation procedure and the uses of electricity. We also introduce our-self to Bagdad Battery.

History of Electricity

In 600 BC Thales of Miletus (a Greek colony on the west coast of present day Turkey) writes about amber (elektron in Greek) with cat fur and picks up bits of feathers, becoming charged by rubbing - he was describing what we now call static electricity.

There is a tale, in 900 BC Magnus, a Greek shepherd, walks across a field of black stones which pull the iron nails out of his sandals and the iron tip from his shepherd's stuff. This region becomes known as Magnesia.


Baghdad battery

Some says electricity was originally generated and widely utilized in ancient Egypt, the Baghdad battery and the first arc lights were used at that time.

In 1936, during excavating wreck of a 2000-year-old village Khuyut Rabbou'a, near Baghdad in Iraq, archeologist workers found some extraordinary normal bottle type yellow clay vase. 

They got enough evidence to prove that this vase was used as electricity stuff, this is they called as Baghdad Battery, sometimes referred to as Parthian Battery.

In 1940, Wilhelm Konig, the German director of the National Museum of Iraq, published a paper wondering that Baghdad Battery may have been galvanic cells, perhaps gold used for electroplating onto silver. 

It helps Mr. Konig came to this conclusion because another vases which excavated from Sumerian sites in southern Iraq, were lightly tapped on it and a blue patina or film separated from the surface, which is like silver electroplated onto copper base. Mr. Konig’s this philosophy is a hypothetical understanding to the possibility of ancient electricity generation.

In latter, based on the Mr. Konig’s hypothesis some scientists make replica of Baghdad Battery and produce some electricity which prove his theory. 


  1. Baghdad battery like a flower vase
    how does it work??

    1. Yes, I think so;
      Scientists are analysing how ancient people use this technology.


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