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Monday, March 9, 2020

Amazing High Voltage Power Line and Health Risk

Does High Voltage Power Line Risk for Human Health?

In 1979, after some study first question arose is EMF-electromagnetic field risk for human body?’, still it is contradictory today! One group says living near residential electric line is risk for child and young, even cause of cancer; other group says weak ambient levels of EMF is not harmful for human body. 

There have no strong evidences to any group, but a lots of articles are available that’s trying to prove that ‘high voltage power line’ is very much dangerous and causes all sort of problems like headache, skin disease, even cancer.

There is a logic that our brain uses electricity to communicate and control rest of the body, our body also uses electrical signal to response the brain and keep active. So it’s simple, strong electromagnetic field has potential force to interfere the human body weak signaling system.

How Does Electromagnetism Field Work

English: Illustration of a magnetic field around a conductor through which current is flowing. I is the direction of current flow. B is the direction of the magnetic field. Traced by User:Stannered using OpenOffice.org Draw 2.0, from an original render by Wapcaplet Русский: На иллюстрации показано магнитное поле, возникающее вокруг проводника, по которому течёт электрический ток. I указывает направление электрического тока, B - магнитного. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opposite logic is there, human body is very much flexible; if field is not strong enough or the strong field is for a short period of time, there will be no effect since our body is capable to compensating electromagnetic field around it.

We don’t know the limit up to which our body can resist safely. Scientists are working to find out the level and types of risk, but in short we can believe high voltage power line which generates electromagnetic force is harmful for human body.  

Why High Voltage Electrical Line?

Population of the world is increasing every day, towns and industrial area are expanding very fast, residential and commercial buildings are constructing near even high voltage power line. 

Power demand is increasing rapidly, to carry the huge amount of power over long distance its need high voltage power transmission line. 

High voltage and current configured large transmission line generate strong electric and magnetic field stress which cause human health risk.

Does EMF really effect on human body?

Scientists studied and found that though human body is combination of different biological and chemical matters, it also contains free electron. So, high strength EMF affects on this free electron and induces current in the human body and causes of health problem. Instant health problems like headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, muscle pain and ache, skin prickling, skin rashes, skin burn, anxiety etc. and long term effects are like leukemia, DNA damage, cancer, tumor growths, blood circulatory problems, neurodegenerative disease, breast cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, alzheimer’s disease, depression and suicide, air food & water contaminants, radiation, toxic chemicals, safety hazards and habitat alterations etc.


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