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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Recycling of Underground Power Transmission Line

Underground Power Cable Line

What happened to Underground Power Cable Line after it finished Lifetime:

What will happen to the underground power transmission line at end of service life, the cable can be recovered for recycling or left in place forever.

In a conventional overhead power transmission line, every part of the material including the conductor is easy to recollect and recycle.

Direct buried cable is not so easy to recollect from 1.5-meter deep earth. Still, lots of oil-filled cables which already buried, and we can’t just leave them in place after the end of their service life, they are containing some hazardous materials, leaking oil to the vicinity for a long time!

The good news is that modern special graded XLPE cables replace older oil-filled cable technology, polyethylene which has cross-linked molecules to allow extremely high temperatures without melting.

Typically each circuit line has 3 conductors and the amount of copper up to 25 tons per kilometer for a larger core. This hues amount of copper can recycle into the same graded copper which can recover plant costs and keep a positive footprint for carbon-di-oxide emissions.

During planning and designing a new underground power transmission line project, it should consider the recycling of cables. Route line selection and laying procedure should be well-matched to cable recycling in the future. 

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