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Does Tree Can Generate Electricity?

How Does Tree Generate Electricity? You may thinking how tree can generate electricity; but it is true not only tree, but also many other animals can generate electricity. today we know how tree can produce electricity. 

A team of French engineers has developed artificial tree that can generate electricity using wind force. They used the model of tree, tiny blades housed in the simulated leaves that turn in the wind, direction is not factor here.
It can be more popular than conventional wind turbine, because its blades size is very small and it can generate power on wind seed even less than 5 mile/hour. So, power harvesting possible from very little wind sources.
This power generating tree may use in urban or rural area, even roof top of the building. In the off grid area, this system may productive for street lighting, battery charging, mobile charging etc.
This artificial tree not only generating electricity, it also makes us thinking about real tree that can help to generate electricit…


How Excavations Carry on Safely in Workplace:  Excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction operations. The Safety and Health code should follow strictly during Excavation and Trenching in work place. 

Trenching and excavation work presents serious hazards to all workers involved. Especially in trafficked crowded city area and moreover in rainy season is more hazardous and are much more likely than other excavation-related accidents to result in worker fatalities. 

Excavation in soil movement and cave-ins should take especial care. Other potential hazards include falls, falling loads, hazardous atmospheres, and incidents involving mobile equipment.
Nobody should enter an unprotected trench! Trenches about 1.5 meters deep or greater require a protective system unless the excavation is made entirely in stable rock. 

Trenches about 6.meters deep or greater require that the protective system be de-signed by a registered professional engineer or be based on tabulated data …

Voltage Drop Calculation for Electrical Power Cable

What is Voltage Drop for Cable? When current flows in a cable conductor a voltage drop is developed in between the ends of the conductor which is the product of flowing current and the impedance of the cable.
Why Calculation Voltage Drop?It is common obligation for designer to calculate the voltage drop as requirements is the main factor in determining the minimum conductor sizes (cross-sectional area) that can be used for a particular electrical circuit.
How Calculate Voltage Drop?Calculating the voltage drop of a circuit the designer has two options to choose one of them depending on the project requirements. These pretty two options are as below:
Simple Design ApproachAccurate Design Approach
The simple design approach is a rough estimated one which sometimes leads to use larger conductor cross-sectional areas than are necessary for the project. If you consider as simple approach, then basically following information is needed: ·     Type of cable;Conductor cross-sectional area;Method of…

Ramadan Fasting and Regain Youthfulness

Ramadan Muslim and Benefit: Muslims never offer fasting for medical or any physical benefit. They practice blindly Ramadan Fasting for one month every lunar calendar because it oriented in the book of God, the holy Quraan. But yet, it came out a lot of health benefit from scholars researches on fasting as a result of Ramadan Fasting. Rejuvenescence is one of them from a long list. It is genuinely wonderful and even miraculous outcome of Ramadan Fasting which naturally come on our life. The scientific characteristic ‘rejuvenescence’ means ‘regain life’ or ‘regain youthfulness’.
Regain life for human is not possible; but we human always seeking to keep exist our youth or regain youthfulness. We all living things including human are always losing our youthfulness and every moment all over the world we are paying a lots of money and time behind the youthfulness to keep it exist forever in our personality.
If we look at the nature we found some creature observe fasting in their life to achie…

ভুমিকম্পের কল্প কথা

ভুমিকম্প কি এবং কেন হয়?
আদি কাল থেকে ভুমিকম্প সম্পর্কে অনেক কল্প কাহিনী প্রচলিত আছে  দেশে দেশে বিভিন্ন সমাজে। তার মধ্য থেকে কয়েকটা উল্ল্যখ করা যেতে পারে মুটামুটি একটা ধারনা পাওয়ার জন্য।
চারটা মস্ত বড় হাতী এই পৃথিবীকে মাথায় নিয়ে আছে। আর এই হাতী চারটা দাড়িয়ে আছে একটা কচ্ছপের উপর। আর কচ্ছপটা আছে একটা গোখরা সাপের মাথায়। বুঝতেই পারছেন যে কেউ একটু নড়াচড়া দিলেই তখন পৃথিবীটা কেপে উঠে, আর এটাই ভুমিকম্প।

বিরাট একটা দৈত্ব্য এই পৃথিবীকে মাথায় নিয়ে আছে। পৃথিবীর সমস্ত গাছপালা হলো দৈত্বে্র চুল, আর মানুষ ও প্রাণীকূল হলো তার উকুন। এটা সাধারনত পুর্বদিকে মুখ করে আছে। কখনো ঘাড় ঘুরিয়ে পশ্চিম দিকে তাকিয়ে আবার পুর্ব দিকে হয়, তখন ঝাকুনি অনুভুত হয়, আর এটাই ভুমিকম্প।
সাত নাগিনী এই পৃথিবীর সুরক্ষার জন্য পালাক্রমে দ্বায়িত্ব পালন করছে। একজন থেকে আর একজন দ্বায়িত্ব বুঝে নেয়ার সময় কিছুটা ঝাঁকুনি অনুভুত হয়, আর এটাই ভুমিকম্প।
পৃথিবী মানুষের মতই একটা জীবন্ত প্রাণী। এরও মানুষের মতো অসুখ-বিসুখ হয়। তাই তো যখন পৃথিবীর জ্বর আসে আর এই জ্বরের কাপুনির ফলে ভুপৃষ্ঠ কেপে উঠে, আর এটাই ভুমিকম্প।
এযাবত যত মানুষ মরে মাটির নীচে চলে গেছে তার…