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Sunday, August 29, 2021

What is the function of Catch-All-Filter-Drier in HVAC system?

The Catch-All-Filer-Drier is a consumable brilliant gadget that can disposes of the considerable number of shortcomings of free filled reenactment by embellishment a mix into a spongy center.

The center gives great filtration framework particularly to dampness, earth, acids and slop without the likelihood of desiccant powdering, pressing and getting away into the framework.
Catch-All Filer-Drier can kill
Moisture Removing :
Acids Removing :
Dirt Removing :
Sludge and Varnish Removing :

Moisture is an important factor in the whole HVAC system, especially in refrigerant porous systems. In the presence of moisture, there is a huge chance to easy formation of corrosion, acids and sludge etc.; using Catch-All-Filter-Drier helps to remove and protect to enter moisture into the refrigerant system.

Some conditions like pressure, temperature help to forming chemical reactions. Consequently, in a refrigerant system, acid-forming chemical reactions also can occur under certain conditions; for example, when temperature increases in presence of moisture many refrigerants will react with oil to form acids.

The type and nature of dirt may vary, but all dirt should be removed from the refrigerant system. Especially some metallic contaminants or dirt like as cast iron dust, steel dust, corrosion dust, and copper or other metallic dust are really killer for the HVAC systems. They can damage compressor bearings, plug capillary tubes, expansion valves and important parts of the system.

All equipment is designed considering the decomposes of types of equipment of itself due to the presence of moisture, dirt, acid and other particles. Although after taking this precaution to design and manufacture the system, no one can avoid completely to formation sludge and varnish inside the system because of the breakdown of oil causes by discharge high temperature.

Catch-All-Filter-Drier is such a smart filter that can fight alone against the four major enemies and not allow passing them ahead.

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