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Excellent Housekeeping  Tips

Excellent workshop practice and outstanding housekeeping in maintenance and construction department can reduce accidental mistake in work.

Lack of workshop practice and ignored housekeeping causes most of the accidental incidence in workplace. On the other hand good workshop practice and housekeeping can reduce chances of mistake in working site.

Workshop is a special room or building in which some goods are repaired or manufactured, a group of people engaged cumulatively on a particular character of job, and safety is everyone’s responsibility to ensure.

Accordingly an outstanding housekeeping and record-keeping practice facilitates productive work and hazard free organization.

Our focus as regarding workshop practice and housekeeping is not on definitional, but we just want to figure out some key point to practice before start our everyday works. So, here followed some tips to practice excellent workshop practice-

How ensure excellent workshop practice in Maintenance & Construction site?

First of all Workshops must be kept tidy and free from waste materials, rubbish, etc;

Gangways shall be clearly marked and kept free from any obstructions;

Each machine shall have its own clearly marked boundary and available area;

Machineries what produce sharp particles and metal chipes must be guarded or screened to prevent particles and chippings from machines striking persons on adjacent machines or in the walk ways;

All rubbish shall be placed in bins or drums, which shall be emptied regularly. Oil rags shall not be allowed to accumulate because of the risk of auto-ignition;

High presser compressed air shall not be used to blow sawdust, filings, etc;

Where overhead gantry cranes are installed, they shall only be operated by competent persons. They shall be fitted with travel alarms;

Welding areas shall be fully screened to prevent the UV light affecting non-involved workmen;

Oil and lubricant spillages shall be cleaned up immediately;

Fire protection equipment must not be obstructed and must be in good working condition. Eye protection must be worn when operating workshop equipment. Hearing protection must also be worn when operating noisy equipment.

Restriction to use compressed air in workshop practice

The use of compressed air for cleaning or drying shall only be permitted when other more acceptable methods are impracticable;

Under normal conditions the maximum pressure permissible for such purposes shall be 0.7 bar/ 10 psi. air-lines shall be fitted with an appropriate pressure regulator;

Under no conditions shall compressed air be used to blow dust or dirt off an employee skin or clothing, or for cooling purposes;

Any person handling compressed air shall wear eye protection;

Compressed air hoses used for clothing or drying shall be fitted with a proper nozzle which includes an on/off valve;

Under no circumstances, except in an emergency, shall the air supply be cut off by kinking the hose;

Hose coupling shall be fitted with pins or other means to prevent accidental disconnection;

Horseplay with compressed air is extremely dangerous and is prohibited.

Instructions for housekeeping keep away hazardous incident

Waste materials and rubbish are a fire risk and an accident hazard. They shall be kept to an absolute minimum and placed in either scrap or rubbish containers;

Waste containers shall be located at suitable place on site;

Do not allow oily rags to accumulate, they can ignite spontaneously;

Spilled liquid shall be wiped immediately;

Waste food should not be mixed with dry refuse. Food bin should be tightly fitting lids and be emptied not less than once per day;

Do not obstruct walkways, roadways, gangways or stairways;

Do not bring more material from the materials yard than is needed. It gets in the way and leads to waste;

Return surplus materials to the material yard or store;

Ensure that tools are kept in tool boxes when not in use;

All work areas must be kept orderly and clean on a daily basis.

Yes guy; already gathered lots of knowledge about excellent workshop practice and outstanding housekeeping to reduce accidental mistake in workplace. Now it’s your turn to materialize your knowledge by practiing in everyday work.

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