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What is Socket Outlet?

Socket Outlet Wiring Procedure
Socket Outlet is a device with protected current carrying associates intended to be mounted in a fixed position or permanently connected to the fixed wiring of the installation.

The purpose of socket outlet installation with others accessories is to enable the connection a temporary load to it with a flexible cord or plug or flexible cable.

Types of Socket Outlet Connection

Considering the location and requirements of wiring area, socket outlet wiring connection may be following three types:

  • Single Socket Connection;
  • Radial Connection; and
  • Ring Circuit Connection.

Factors for Socket Outlet Wiring

Wiring cable sizes and maximum numbers of socket connection should be considered before design and install socket outlet. In any living room , bedroom or dining area, a ring main using 3 x 1.5 mm2 cable and 2 A x 3 Pin  sockets may be permitted if controlled by 5A with fuse unit in that room. The maximum number of 8 outlets may be allowed in any room by some authority.  It is important not to allow any ring circuit extends to outside the room.

Avoid socket outlets installed in bathrooms, shower rooms, or toilets in any circumstances.

Shaver socket outlets may be installed in bathrooms may provide for Battery - Powered Shavers, Hair Clippers and Similar Appliances and Their Charging and Battery Assemblies.

Avoid socket outlet mounting within two meters of any tap, sink or basin, in any kitchen, cloakroom, etc.

 The protective earth or grounding conductor of each socket-outlet circuit shall be connected to an earth electrode as per international and local standards.

Must consider the socket outlets ratings not exceeding 20A and intended for general use by ordinary persons must be protected with 30 mA RCD (Residual Current Device). This means that general purpose sockets in domestic and similar properties must have RCD protection.

Consider any factors embedded by federal or power utility company laws.


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